Canon SL1 - ultra-small DSLR, with continuous video autofocus, for under $700

Canon just released the Rebel SL1, which they are calling the world's smallest DSLR.  3" touchscreen display, 18 MP APS-C sensor, and ISO range of 100-6400 for video, plus a few higher options for stills.  The kit lens, if you go for it, is a revision of the 18-55 lens, with quieter autofocus to reduce noise when shooting video.  The autofocus system is about on par for a low-end rebel, with 9 autofocus points and a single cross-type in the center, but they have spread the points out over a wider area of the sensor, to help with the video focusing, and claim to have increased the focus speed.
Has anybody seen any reviews or footage comparisons of this camera yet?  Apparently the most important feature is that its super small and lightweight, which I don't really care about, but the price point and autofocus during video have me interested.


  • It has the same guts as the T4i so I would assume it should be very close in footage comparisons.
    Are you looking at a new camera?
  • I'm considering it.  As a side project, I film the local school play each year and make a DVD for the parents. I typically use my 7D as one of the cameras, running around and grabbing shots from various angles, and manual focus is a bit of a hindrance in that situation.  Having an APS-C sensor with autofocus would be really handy in that situation, and for $650, that seems like a great deal, especially since I already have a variety of lenses.
    Though I guess the T41 is pretty close in price, and has the flip-out LCD, which might be handy.  But then again, the tininess of the SL1 might be handy for backpacking trips.
  • Im curious if that camera can support Canon picture profiles.  You can switch the color levels to predefined color levels which can definitely add your ability to color grade footage.  Technicolor released a canon picture profile that is apparently the best pp available for those of us who like to grade our work.
  • I'm almost certain that it can.  The Technicolor profile is for EOS camera, an the SL1 is part of the EOS line.
    I've used the Technicolor profile in my 7D, and it does do a nice job of flattening the footage in preparation for grading.  The flip side of this is that you have to grade, as if you don't the footage looks really flat.  For most projects this is fine.  But if you are pressed for time, then shooting in one of the standrad Canon profiles can give you a basic grade built into your footage, so it already looks decent.  But as you say, the Technicolor profile is specifically for people who want to grade their footage in post.
  • I don't really understand the need for an SL1. It is exactly $100 cheaper than the T5i, and the only real difference between it and the T4i, is video autofocus. It doesn't seem to make sense, in my opinion, to make this camera. It doesn't appear to be any easier to use than a standard DSLR, so surely they aren't marketing this to consumer level, not with that price tag. I'm not sure why they created/released an SL1 at all.
  • As I mentioned in the initial post, the most important feature is the size.  Its much smaller and lighter than the T41.  I'm guessing its aimed at people who want the convenience of a point-and-shoot, but the image quality of an SLR.
  • There is a good picture profile, if its going to be a quick projects.  .Cinema Style is a really good finished picture profile that doesn't need or could really take too much color grading.
  • @Axel, I guess since I always thought that Canon's lower level DSLR's were already pretty light/small, I never saw the need for anything lighter/smaller. I mean for me personally. I haven't really gotten into any situations where I would need anything smaller, but maybe I will someday.

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