Simple anime test

Following on from Simon's excellent 3D from a 2D photo tutorial, I've started playing around, seeing how much animation I can achieve within HitFilm. As my thing is stop-motion and animation I'm going to be trying to bring as much life to rather flat images as I can.
Sadly I'm in no way responsible for the cool anime face (it's from Kill Bill, naturally) but I've been trying some stuff out:
I cut out the original eyes and put in new ones on a separate layer, together with separate shadow and hoghlight layers. Very basic (I'm just learning the software) but pleased with the potential...
sadly don't know how to embed video....


  • That was a nice test, looked great!
    Do you know that you can embed a youtube video right into the forum? Just click the "insert media" button in the editor and paste your youtube link there.
  • Heheehe - I tried that and it just gave me the URL, like I had just typed it in. Naturally i panic'd and reverted back to the link before anyone got to see! :-?
  • Huh? That's strange.
    Works for me... :huh:
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    Second test (now side to side) - let's see if this'll work...
  • Awesome. :D
  • SimonKJonesSimonKJones Moderator
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    You can edit your post using the 'Edit' button. :) I've edited your original.
    You actually don't even need to use the media tag - if you just paste in the YouTube share link it'll automatically embed.
    Fun test - you should separate her from the background and give a bit more movement to the whole shot.

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