Comparing HitFilm and AE

Can someone give me a quick overview of HitFilm vs After Effects. I use AE but have FX products as well.
I'm interested in hearing from those who use both, or have made the switch from AE to HitFilm
- Marc


  • This was my response to a similar thread:
    As someone who do uses AE I don't think it has to be one or the other, why not both? For titles and motion graphics work (though I do minimal work in that category), lens flares, I'll still be using AE, but for about everything else (except when not convenient to do so) I see myself using HitFilm a lot more. As I say whenever someone ask about HitFilm, the particle engine alone makes it worth it.
    HitFilm does still have work to do (more rendering codecs, make program faster etc), and when it does I'm sure it could start a revolution in the indie VFX world. The way I see it, HitFilm is the perfect program for indie directors/editors like me who can't always afford to have someone else do our VFX work. It's easy, simple, and powerful enough that we can just make our own stuff without having a huge learning curve.

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