Adjusting the Controls panel column width

As you can see from the first pic, the control screen has to be stretched out quite a bit and still not all the names can be seen. In the second pic all the names can be seen but the controls take up almost half the screen. Is there a setting i can adjust? I'm using a 19 or 20 inch screen it's not like I have a lack of space.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Oh and why does my name keep changing from Junuc Kleen to HitFilmer211976? sometimes it's one and other times it's the other.


  • Yeah, the solution to that is quite hard to find...
    Look in the attached picture, I marked a little bar in the top of the control panel. Drag this to the right, and you'll see more of the labels.
  • Whoops, forgot to add the picture... 8-|
  • I just worked it out :))
    Thanks anyway.
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    Hi Junuc Kleen/HitFilmer211976, sorry to hear your having problems with your username. It is an issue we are currently looking into.
    For now, if you could change your username to something different and then change it back again, you should find it all syncs up. This is the link to your settings: Identity :)
    If possible, could you also take us through the sign up process you used. Including if you used the HitFilm software registration before registering/signing up via
    Let us know if you have any issues.
  • You can resize the control pane, and all the others, if I'm not mistaken. Just hold and drag them to the size that you require.

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