Drum cover of Adam's Song, by Blink-182

Here's me playing my drum kit, which is one of the things I do while I'm not working. Some time ago Orange Pekoe posted an excellent drum cover of a Blink song, and in that thread I mentioned how I'd wanted to do this song for a while. Well, I finally did, and here's the proof!


  • Sounds good. How did you get your snare sounding that way? Do you know the tension on the rims for the toms?
  • Thanks. The snare I'm using here is a hammered brass shell, then head selection and proper tuning help dial in the sound. Of course, since its recorded, some of the sound is also due to the processing, which is just a bit of EQ and compression. I don't know the specific tension on my toms, but I tend to keep them tuned in the lower end of their tuning range.
  • Looked and sounded great Axel!
    Really like your setup!

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