Create looping background to simulate fast movement.

I originally asked this in Fred Clips Fury road post but perhaps he has not the opportunity to see my question.   I imagine that this may be trivial for many of you, but for me, not so much.  My question is, what is the best / easiest  way to create and implement a looping, quick moving floor  to simulate fast forward motion ie First person perspective or overhead view of a Jet Fighter flying over water, or as Fred did with a car /truck racing over a cracked parched desert.   






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    Create a comp with your image in in. Duplicate the layer. Move each layer sideways so the left and right edges now meet in the center (i.e. If source image is 4096x3192 then one copy goes to X -2046 the other to X+2046).

    Now either use another copy of the image and a soft mask or the Clone Stamp tool to patch the seam where the edges meet. Duplicate the patch twice and move to outer edges of the mosaic (+/- 4096 px in our example) 

    Create a point and link everything to it. 

    Set comp shot to the duration you want the loop to be +1 frame (so, for a 15 second loop, duration is 0:0:15;01).

    Keyframe point lets make our scroll left-to-right...  So the first frame we move the control point to X -4096. Last frame to X +4096.

    Move all layers on frame to the left on timeline. You want everything to start one frame before start of timeline. This is so if you're using motion blur there is motion blur on all frames. 

    Change Comp Shot properties so it's one frame shorter (0:0:15;00).

    This Comp Shot is now a seamless loop. Embed the Comp in another layer and place four instances end to end. We now have a one minute loop. 

    Proxy this. 

    Bring this comp into your main shot. Convert to 3D plane, Position as floor. 

    Obviously if you want a bottom to top scroll you follow the same procedure, but tiling, patching and animating the Y-axis instead. 

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    Thanks a million for the super fast and super detailed response!


  • Film Riot did a tutorial on an effect that used looping backgrounds, so if you'd like a video to go along with Triem's explanation, BAM;

  • @SteveKarstensen  Thanks, that is a big help.


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    @SteveKarstensen giving away where I stole it from, eh? ;-) 

    Actually, I should have remembered that Film Riot video and linked to it myself. ;-) 

  • Good artists copy.

    Great artists steal.


  • Great minds, an' all that...

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