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    Ah. Particle time. Time to give you secrets. 

  • Hurt the crap out of my left heel yesterday, pretty silly too, I was just standing in my driveway and bam! Pain came outta nowhere. So I'm taking a day or two off from everything... sort of, couldn't stand it so I started playing with the HFP 2017 3D materials to make a burnt chrome effect like you'd see on a Motorcycle.

    No Post Effects. Just an HDR, a Shadow plane, a Point Light, plus the 3D model and Diffuse Texture. Is it just me or does stuff just look good when you throw it into HF? You barely have to do anything. :)


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    Hitfilm reflections look really good considering they aren't raytrace-type! 

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  • @Triem23 I know right? The reflections just look super good in HitFilm, which makes me think that it'd be really cool to someday have multi material support for each texture set, it would make texturing a 3D model way easier and faster because having a bunch of textures, one for each Material is very labor intensive where as having one Texture set with "However many" materials you like?.. hmmm that sounds nice. :)


    @Stargazer54 Thanks. :)


    Almost forgot... if you set your project settings to 32bit, you'll get a way better and closer approximation in the 3D model import viewer, of the Materials when you change the settings. Not as cool as looking at it on the timeline view but if you have a good video card, you can see your changes in real time but it depends on your texture size and face count.

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    Good call on the 32 bit.

  • @spydurhank - I think you get some credit too. The models look fantastic! You do have to know how to set things right to get the texture to look like you want/expect. I haven't quite arrived at that point yet with my own models but you continue to inspire me to keep trying.

    32 bit- I will definitely try that!

  • Guess what I learned to do while waiting for my foot to heal... ;)

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     Create crispy bacon in Hitfilm? 

  • @Triem23 I cannot unsee this now, definitely some tasty terrain there lad ;)  

  • @Triem23 Before I saw your comment, my wife looked over my shoulder as I was scrolling through the images, and commented, "Stop looking at bacon and go to bed."

  • @spydurhank This looks awesome! Looks like the surface of Mars :D

  • I can't help it... I was hungry and on pain killers, plus my lady made some insane bacon cheeseburgers the night before. I probably shouldn't post things when I'm healing but damn you guys are funny when I make a mistake because of it. ;)

    It is a terrain though. Think about it... lightweight full 360 3D environments in HitFilm you could call it Digital Bacon. :)

  • Trolling before or as I wake up... just found this nice  little interview about a Director that does his own vfx shots in Blender and uses HitFilm for quick temps and stuff.

    Oh and after doing some minor experimenting/modeling/texturing, "not much, my foot still hurts" 3D mesh Terrains/environments are entirely possible... stoked. Just need to make the meshes as lightweight as possible. :)   

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    Oh we're just being silly. Your terrain's texture is very New Mexico. 

    Good interview! (What?  I read quickly!) I've seen the original short for "Lights Out," and it's quite creepy... 

    I'm thinking for landscape meshes, normal mapping works very well. You should be able to sculpt up a million poly terrain and scale it back to 10k polys but still have it look really solid.

    I've been doing experiments with terrain myself, but using the height mapping/OBJ export in PDHowler... 

    Although you can actually get some pretty good landscapes directly in Hitfilm with Parallax. 

    Here's a quick example. The plane is a 3D model, the ground is a plane using fractal noise to drive Parallax, will a quick particle sim for clouds. Think I spent about half an hour on it.

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    Thanks, @Triem23

    Yeah I've been Sculpting the terrains in Blender and painting seamless Height/Normal maps and Textures in Krita, I did just learned this stuff a few days ago so nothing is perfect but I've almost got an Okay-ish workflow for this type of stuff... come to find out, it's alot easier to retopo terrains than complex hard surface models. Ha! :) 


    Oh and good work on the parallax effect.

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    Thanks--There's an Express tutorial in that parallax terrain somewhere...

    I'm still getting familiar with Krita, Gimp and One1 PhotoRaw after 25 years as a Photoshop user (but, since Adobe became the VFX mafia and shut off my legal CS6 to try to force me to upgrade, screw them). It's painful because the interfaces are similar, but different enough where things that I had down to a couple of minutes in Photoshop are taking an hour in the unfamiliar software.

    Oh well. You live, you learn (New Software). I'm kinda liking Krita, and I think that, combined with On1 PhotoRaw and PDHowler will be my Adobe replacements. Gimp... dunno--something about it I'm not enjoying.

    I'd think terrains are easier to retopo as a landscape basically points in a single direction (unless you're making arches), unlike, say, an X-wing that faces everywhichway.

    Hope the foot heals up soon. I get to see the ortheped who rebuilt my shoulder a few years ago. Hopefully it's NOT really a torn meniscus in my right knee, or, if it is, mold enough where he won't have to poke more holes in me to repair things.

  • Oh Adobe, those guys are weird.

    I've been going back and forth from Gimp to Krita for handling of large 8k 16bit .png and or .tiff files. It is easier in Krita to make seamless textures though, but both programs are really slow with 8k textures. 

    But I just found this I watched a couple of tuts on this painting app, and it has crazy/insane anti-aliasing brushes and can handle super large file sizes. Been messing with the demo for a few minutes and it can handle those 8K maps and paint with large brushes. I'm probably gonna buy it as soon as I first figure out how to use a black and white image as a mask in the software. It is a very simple and light weight but oddly complex.

    Oh man! Your Knee dude!!! ;O

    My heel is feeling way better, I thought it was my first "old man pain" my lady and I played a few games as I hobbled around our pool table for our 13th anniversary two nights ago and I'm feeling pretty good today. :)

  • I know most people prefer desktop paint software, but if you have zero budget, need to edit something while away from home, or just want to mess around with a really cool online image editor, check out Pixlr Editor:


  • Thanks @jsbarrett that is very clever. :)

  • So my foot is better, tender but better and I can walk without a Gimp. :)

    Working on the last little bit, a volumetric cloud shader for 3D environments in HitFilm. It is a little "off" but getting closer with each test render. 


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    @spydurhank ;

    Glad youre coming along with the foot.  I feel your pain, dude...literally!  I'm scheduled to finally go under the knife and get my hip replaced in a couple weeks.  Your clouds are looking really nice by the way.  How or rather what are you using you using to create them, Hitfilm particles or photo software?

  • @tddavis I'm using Blender to make the clouds.

    A new hip sounds good. :)

    Thanks, feels good to walk normally again. :)

  • @spydurhank  It should have been done 3 years ago, but huge mess with insurance and the last year I haven't pushed for it cause so far I've made 60 years with all original parts (all my own teeth etc.) and no broken bones, so the idea of having part of the femur just cut off seems...I don't know, scary, I guess.   I hope it helps with the walking so I can stand more than a couple minutes on the treadmill.  I've got to take off some of this weight.  Jabba won't lend me his sail barge.   I've been taking several class in Blender and have finally come a long way ( but miles to go to your level though) in materials & texturing & nodes! which I am pretty happy about.  I think playing with those is how I stumbled on the reflection on J2 in that vortex thing I did.  Also, I am currently playing with the Ocean Sim trying to turn it into a desert floor so the J2 can make a ditch in it but so far all I get is the foam looking like debris.  

  • Wow, that sounds cool. :)

  • So we made it through another Hurricane and are in a mix of major home damage repair after our power grid was restored a few days ago and having to restart my entire 3D Star Wars related HitFilm project due to?.. who knows but the Devs are looking into and are on top of it. :)

    So the fix for now, if something "odd" happens to your project, simply roll back to your previous update and it should fix any problem. :)

    That being said, I really wanted to have my models for sale online along with my personal HitFilm demo/workflow breakdown/PBR compositing tutorials much sooner but due to life/nature/software related issues, I may only have time to upload my models I have over 7 dozen + including Spaceships and entirely 3D environments along with promo pics, info and maybe a demo and or breakdown video. I'm insanely fast but I'm only one guy and got all of my ship models re-rigged and saved as Composite shots yesterday. All that is left is re-setting up my Blender animations and 3D environments in HitFilm for render. All this stuff will be uploaded soon so Frankly expect something awesome. :)



  • Frank.

    Looking forward to it. 

  • @spydurhank  Man, I'm sorry for all your hurdles, but so glad to hear you survived the hurricanes.  I hope the home damage gets sorted quickly for you.  I knew I hadn't seen any posts from you in a while.  Like, Triem23, looking forward to your posts.


    PS: In case you've missed it, Blender released 2.79 officially on the the 12th.  It added PBR shaders and some add-ons, but you may know this already.

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