Impatient Procrastinators Visual Effects.



  • Most excellent!  Also, love the depth of field in your shots.

  •  Here are some E7_X-Wing pics, same thing, playing with material settings.

  •  Same as above in Grey and Blue, Clean and dirty version.

  • E6_Tie-Fighter. There is a dirty and dirty-er version.

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    Love the geometry on the TIE, but I think you've gone a bit overboard on the "paneling" on the textures. 

  • E7_Tie-Fighter and First order Tie-Fighter. Clean and dirty version for both.

  • @Triem23 "Love the geometry on the TIE, but I think you've gone a bit overboard on the "paneling" on the textures."

    Explain please?

  • I suppose I should note... the material settings that I've been using are not a final "Look" they are extreme examples showing what is possible by controlling/manipulating "My Custom" Spec Maps in HitFilm.

    All of the above models are the high poly versions so there is no Fake geometry via Normal and or Bump maps. The only info in the normal maps is surface detail, scratches dents and dings. Make sense?

  • @spydurhank  I am always amazed at your renders when you post them.  They look so real and present and not just cartoony versions like mine turn out.

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    @spydurhank - Wow! All I can say is....WOW!!!

    Just out of curiosity, how did you learn the, creating, mapping and application of textures? Was that on the Blender side?

    I'm kind of in the same boat as  @tddavis   where my personal stuff comes out looking more like animation than realistic. If I'm supplied a texture for a model I can usually get it to look fairly good but my own textures....that's another story. 

  • @tddavis @StormyKnight Thanks. :)

    Stormy... I have a background in traditional art so almost everything comes from there, as to where or how I learned it... there wasn't a single source so lots of coffee, lots of reading through 3D forums, and lots of sitting through very long youtube tutorials. I just had to figure a way for example... to translate what Substance Painter & Substance Designer and other similar apps do, into a workflow with Blender, Xnormal & Gimp/Krita.

    I made it so you can customize the look of the ships via the Spec Maps, super easy. :)



  • Amazing! I haven't done any 3D modelling for about 2 years but these really make me want to try some things out again! Great job!

  • @OliThompson Thank you very much. :)


  • Working on the animation in Blender before export into HitFilm Pro 2017. :)

  • Awesome! Really looking forward to seeing the final animation! :D

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  • Just got the animated Blender Camera and Empties exported into HFP 2017 via an old Blender to HitFilm Composite Shot script... it works just fine with no gimbal lock or any issues. I could have used the .fbx and or alembic export options but since I'm not used to them just yet... I'm using a method that doesn't break the textures requiring you to re-link them, or create super large cashe files like alembic. One camera and twelve empties came it at just 1.49 mb. So sweet. :)

  • Amazing stuff, dude!

  • Thanks @StormyKnight

    Its coming along very well so far and all of these models are just about ready for upload. I'm wondering if I should make it even easier by rigging each model in a Composite shot and save that Comp in each models corresponding folder, so the user doesn't have to. Its almost like drag & drop for HitFilm and all you'd have to do is play with the material settings and drop a "ship comp" into your timeline.  Any suggestions/preferences on File structure for final delivery are most welcome.      

  • I like the drag and drop concept. If the settings can be manipulated and/or changed to match someone's own composite shot that sounds like it would be the easiest for the user. I gather it's a breeze for you to set it up to begin with, yes?

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    @spydurhank yes, you should absolutely rig Composite Shots for the models and put them in the same folder as the models. Comp shot should have the points rigged for the S-foils as well as points for the engines and cannon. 

    That way you'll have the materials pre-rigged to look correct also. And scale will be correct. 

    Saving a pre-rigged Composite Shot is the only sane workflow for models in Hitfilm. 

    Actually, you don't save a Composite Shot, you save a project. The project has a second comp shot of text. That's your "readme" file baked in. Projects can import via the Import Composite Shot option. But double clicking a project also opens Hitfilm. A Composite Shot doesn't.

    Make certain your Hitfilm preferences save relative file locations and you're set. 

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    Open gl render test, tweaking the animation a tad bit before re-export to HFP 2017. Man... YouTube really turns my video clips to dog crap. They look good on my pc but look pretty awful on YouTube. :( ;


    I used the low poly versions as stand ins for now.

  • @spydurhank  Looks like it'll be sweet.  I love the way the X-wing drops into frame!

  •  @tddavis Thanks, yeah that dude was almost late to the party. :)

  •  Just quickly testing out two particle sims in HFP 2017 with a 4K model. I will replace the Stand in, with a couple of 1K models in the mid and Background for the Final render while the single 4K model remains in the Foreground.  

    No compositing yet, other than Light Wrap and Auto Lens Flares. Performance is really not that bad on a single GTX 970, although I have three 970s in my machine which holds four video cards. Looking into getting a better set of Video Cards for my machine though, it would be awesome to be able to use all of my cards on my machine in HitFilm Pro 2017... one day... soon?


  • That is looking really cool!!

  • Thanks @Andy001z it is sooooooooooooo much fun. :)

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    Personnely I really love this earlier shots with the hanger like reflections.

  • Wow! It's looking awesome @spydurhank!

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