Tuturial I'd like to see. Particles from image

Would it be possible to have a tuturial that takes say concrete areas from a piece of footage, a single frame of a clip. draw masks around parts of the concrete. turn them into seperate png files to use as texture then have them explode upwards as though say a road was torn up or building damaged?
Maybe Rodypolis could take up the challenge for a tuturial suggestion?


  • :-? Don't look at me man. :)
    So are you pretty much asking for a tutorial on how to make your own textures? Or do you wanna know how to make things explode? Cause I'm show how to explode stuff pretty soon.
  • I think he wants to be able to turn a portion of an image into particles, so the actual texture from a street, for example, becomes the particle chunks that go flying from an explosion. Similar to what Corridor Digital did when the laser cuts through stuff in Prism.
    You can't do this directly in HitFilm, though by using a mask to block out the original area of the image, to show the underlying debris or hole that the explosion creates, you could simulate the effect fairly well. You would just need to use the mask to reveal the underlying layer just as the particles start flying up above. It wouldn't hold up for really close shots or slow motion, perhaps, but for most average shots I think it would do nicely.
  • Yes, Axe thats pretty much what I meant as it would be good to see textures matching the image. I would explain further but my internet is down and im typing on a mobile. Andrew meaner did something similar
  • Yeah, there are specific plug-ins for After Effects that I know can handle that sort of thing, but at this point I don't know of any way to do it without specialized software.
    However, if you use the technique I described above, it could be made even more convincing by slicing out bits of the original image to create the texture files that you apply to the particles. Then you might want to add a bit of detail to make them appear more 3D, so they look broken out of the surface, similar to the asphalt textures currently in HitFilm. If you were to do that, then set the color of the particles to Birth Color, so they retain the colors of the original image, the texture should match pretty darn well.
  • that sounds pretty easy im going to give it a go. when saving the png files would i need to have the masked out area in the centre of the screen and shorten the screen dimensions?
  • Yeah, it would be best to crop down the image to just a bit larger than the masked out bit that is visible. And I'd try to keep the bits that you create fairly random in size, with some big and some small, for greater realism.
    Sounds like a fun project, let us know how it comes along.

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