EffectsLab Particles

I was wondering if EffectLabs particles will be made available in HitFilm?
Or is a particles in HitFilm (demo) all that there will be?


  • HitFilm and EffectsLab don't share any code whatsoever, so there wont be anything that is moved from EffectsLab into HitFilm, at any point.
    However, the particles in HitFilm Ultimate are such a huge step beyond anything that EffectsLab was capable of that its hard to explain. The specific effects engines, such as explosions and weather, etc, that are in HitFilm Standard, will be added to more and more as time goes by. But for full control over every aspect of a particle effect, the Particle Simulator in HitFilm Ultimate is hugely powerful, and is capable not only of everything EffectsLab can do, but almost infinitely more.
  • HitFilm Ultimate's particle engine is almost unfathomably more advanced than EffectsLab's. Is there something specific you are trying to do with it? Let us know and we can give you some tips to get started!

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