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The forum has recently became the target of some particularly pesky and persistent spammers. We're working to remove the spam and put defenses in place to keep them out. Apologies in the meantime for the inconvenience.

Rest assured that the annoying spam doesn't affect the security or privacy of your accounts.



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    They are so evil, these spammers, making people's lives miserable!

    They started again! :(

    Try disable XMLRPC entirely, that may help.

  • The attack is unfortunately still continuing. It seems to be semi-automated, and is coming from a wide variety of IP addresses and locations, so our existing methods for preventing spam and blocking spammers were insufficient.

    At the moment we’re playing whack-a-mole with the spam whilst other members of the team perform some upgrades, which should provide more spam-fighting capabilities.

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    Thanks for the update, @SimonKJones, and putting our minds at ease.  HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!! Here's my contribution to this discussion.


  • @all We took further actions to prevent the forum from being spammed, and we already considerably reduced the amount of spam we had. We took the incremental approach so we don't block legitimate content by being too aggressive. This means that spam may come back at some point (nothing is 100% bulletproof anyway) but we will definitely monitor it closely in the coming weeks.

    I hope you all had a lovely christmas and I wish you a happy new year !

  • @GeoffreyPapin - Thank you for the update, Geoffry. I hope your Christmas was great too and Happy New Year!

    It was quite a shock to discover 193 pages of spam by the time I got online to HF. I played around with it just to see how fast it was appearing and by the time I would hit 'Post Comment' my post was already 4-7 entries down the list. 20+ profiles a minute was what I roughly calculated.

    I became worried that Kim Jun Un might have taken over FXhome but to what end?!?!?!?! ;^)


  • You know how he Photoshoped extra missile launchers into a photo, now he wants to add them into a video.

  • I don't think HitFilm runs on Red Star OS, alas.

  • I knew it couldn't be the DPRK. When you only have a handful of IP addresses and 56k modems you don't launch many DoS attacks.

    HitFilm doesn't run on Red Star OS because it needs OpenGL and to date nothing Open runs on Red Star

  • Here we go again...

  • FilmTech Yep.

    Try implementing a protocol where 'for any user' can only create a thread after every five minutes, this way you can slow the spamming down and gain more time creating a defence.  

  • We had another smaller attack last night resulting in about 31 pages of spam. Those users and their content have now been dealt with and we are looking into adding more measures to stop the spam.

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    Cheeze-whiz! FXhome must be doing something right to become such a target. Good luck, @rikkiloades,  @GeoffreyPapin & @DanielGWood. I do not envy your task.

  • @StormyKnight- it is not only HitFilm forum, that is under attack. Also Battlenet, Oracle, Activision pages and many more.

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  • "I say we nuke the entire site from orbit... it's the only way to be sure"....

    - Ripley (Aliens)

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  • Well I don't think its a guy or girl anymore, its a script that's just left to run and expand and run and expand, and hit where ever it can. Let's hope it burns out soon.

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    rikkiloades @DanielGWoods ;

    Seriously you might want to consider the Idea above, they are now posting five in every one minute, 

  • 'Try implementing a protocol where 'for any user' can only create a thread after every five minutes, this way you can slow the spamming down and gain more time creating a defence.  '

  • Make that 7 every minute*

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    @NxVisualStudio Tony, that's actually not a bad idea. 

  • Triem23 It used to be one or two every minute, I'm pretty sure of one thing  that it starts off with human configuration, the more staff fight against it the more rapid it gets, 

    And that's why I cant mention the tactics on the forum, I'll message you on Facebook.

  • OMG! It's ME!!!!!!! I had spam for dinner and now it's had an effect here!

    okay- not really. I had home made mac & cheese.

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    StormyKnight Oh You ;) 

  • Is it just me or is anybody else craving kimchi and Spam?

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    I think I would much prefer the Mac and cheese :') 

  • Mac and cheese with seared spam chunks mixed in.

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