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I have a problem. With the smoke trail, you can edit that in 3D space, but is there a way to edit the smoke trail in 3D into a 2D video. Is there a way to edit your 2D video in 3D space. Can someone help me please


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    I'm not entirely clear what you mean, but I think one of the things I'm about to cover should address the issue.
    The composite shot containing the 3D smoke effect is always in 2D, so can be added to the Editor or to another composite as a 2D layer. So that is how you get any 3D effect into 2D. Since you can't directly add grading filters to a 3D effect, nesting composites in this fashion is often necessary to apply grading to 3D effects.
    If you wan to just combine your 3D effects together to make a new 2D video file that you can view, this is handled in the Export screen, accessed via the tab at the top of the interface.
    If you have a video layer that you want edit in 3D, you can convert the video to a 3D plane by switching the icon next to the layer name: [img]http://hitfilm.com/reference/2d3d.png[/img]
    2D layers will have the flat blue square, and 3D layers will have the small 3D box. Just click the icon to switch between 2D and 3D. A 3D plane can be rotated or repositioned within 3D space, to interact with other layers in your composite.
    Hopefully your question is answered somewhere in there, if not, just clarify a bit what you need to know and we can get you the correct answer.

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