3D wraparound Environment Maps

Hi all
Going to have a crack at HF2 this weekend but one of the areas that really caught my eye when the teaser images were released was the 3D wraparound Environment on the Flying Saucer clip. Has anyone had a go at this yet..? If so how does it work?
Many thanks
EDIT: Ah I just stumbled across a tutorial by Robin which looks like to cover the whole topic.. Cheers Robin.!


  • There were a couple of different techniques in the various UFO shots - the one of it flying over fields used the environment map viewer. The shots in space with starfield backgrounds were created using the particle simulator to make the starfield.
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    Thanks for the reply Simon. Robin's tutorial was great and answered a lot of questions but I'm unsure how you map an image to a dome around the whole scene. How do you make the dome.?
    Any advice would be great.!
    Thanks again
  • I assumed Robin was talking about creating a dome inside a 3D modeller, with the wraparound texture attached, and then importing that as a separate 3D object. There's no way to make a dome shape in HitFilm itself.
  • Ah OK. Cool, thanks for the reply Simon. Looking forward to tackling HF2 this weekend.!
  • I don't think I mentioned anything about that in my tutorial, but I guess what stopmotionman wants to do is just what the Environment Map Viewer does - it maps the image it is applied to onto a virtual sphere wrapping about the scene, and animating it correctly according to the camera moves. It can be used in most cases to create a virtual background, though it is just a 2D effect and does NOT create an actual dome in the 3D scene.
  • Just another question here rather than creating a new thread as it is related (sorry if I'm hijacking)
    can hitfilm use sperical light probe images, the sort you might use to create an HDR image of a location by taking shots of a reflective sphere. Is that even necessary?. It's just I figured a 16mp image might give a better environment map than a 1080p (2mp) image but it could be that it really doesn't matter. Thoughts and advice anyone?
  • Thanks Robin.! No you're right in that you didn't mention it I was just thinking in the wrong direction..!!
    Cheers again

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