Effect engines?

While there are still 3D muzzle flashes, optics, and particles, is it possible you could recreate the lightsaber engine to make creation simpler for novice users? If not, could you possibly create a lightsaber base as a preset? After working with EffectsLab, it may seem beneficial to include a preset to make it easier and more convenient to set up a neon effect.


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    Hey Nate, I assume you have already taken a look at this video?
    ...and you are looking for a simpler way to handle the effect? Thanks for the input, we will look into it. The current method isn't super complex, but it does add a couple of extra steps more than EffectsLab required. Maybe there is a way we can implement simpler, EffectsLab-style lightsabers into HitFilm, but I'd expect if so it will be a while before you see them. All the programmers are hard at work on other stuff, primarily optimizing the software to boost speed and performance, but this is something we can consider for the future.
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