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It's true, not all of us are filmmakers by trade. Even those of us who are must certainly take some time away from the viewfinder every now and again to indulge in activities of another sort. Be it designing multi-million dollar shopping centers, sending men to Mars, or simply collecting the used toiletries of Big Brother contestants, we've all got hobbies.
As for myself, these days I am more focused on music than I am film, so filmmaking is more of a hobby, and less of a career option for me than it once was. I was the vocalist in a progressive rock band for about six years. We recorded two albums (one as a two-piece, one as a four-piece), and shortly after recording the second one, we parted ways. From what I can tell, I'm the only member of the band who has continued making music. As a singer, I hadn't really had much input into the actual composition of the songs, but in November of last year, I started working hard on writing my own songs, and teaching myself the fundamentals of music theory. Since then, I've written about 15 songs that are at various stages of being finished, and I've become somewhat competent with a guitar, bass, and keyboard. Amazing.
I set up a Tumblr page where I post the songs that I'm most happy with as I finish them. There are only a handful of songs on there so far, but I hope to put at least a few more up in the coming weeks. Here are a couple of my favorites:
Ballpoint Pencil (This is the first "solo" track I completed, therefore it is kinda sloppy)
Critical Analysis (My attempt at making a sunny, upbeat tune, that ended up kinda sad anyway)
So yeah, share with us your hobbies, and let's all talk about each others hobbies as if we understand them. ;)


  • First off, I'll say this, I'm in high school, will be a senior and I'm not looking into filmmaking as a career. Therefore, filmmaking will be my first hobby to list. Some other hobbies of mine would be writing, playing guitar (sort of), drawing, and magic/illusions.
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    I did consider film making a carrer choice when I had first joined FXhome years ago, if you guys don't know what FXhome is, it's some website where a bunch off guys talked on a forum and made films. :)
    However, I've been studying media for coming up to five years in September, and then I will be leaving to take life on. However my carrer options currently lie on my media stuff. I have considered music as a carrer option, but it's getting the right people, right sound and time to do so, so that's on hold.
    But as for hobbies, I do enjoy writing scripts and random things, columns if you like. I enjoy going out, walking and all that and I'm getting back into skateboarding after a four year absence! Also cooking is a great hobby and a needed life skill! :D OH, and a lot off photography which can be viewed here.
  • I kind of tend to be a bit ADD with hobbies, though the ones that continue to stick around are filmmaking, photography (though sometimes I do this for work), and music:
    I also go backpacking whenever I get the chance, and have lately been customizing transformers with my buddy Encline, who builds and paints some phenomenal toys:
    I like almost any activity that involves being creative with your hands, so occasionally spend time blacksmithing swords, cooking, creating costumes (mainly for various film projects), I built some armor out of styrene recently for a school play some friends were in:
    drawing, traditional animation, reading, leatherwork, etc. Obviously too many to keep them all going at once, but I bounce around from one to another quite a bit.
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    A few of my hobbies include
    Reading, Writing, Photography, Prop Building, Drawing, Coin Collecting, Playing Keyboard, Sculpting & Casting, Welding, Magic, Animal Training, Cooking, Mask Making, and Building Puzzles.
    I often tell people, if I ever had to spend time in jail I could keep myself entertained in a single room for
  • Even if I get my Money with making films for others, I really like to make films for and by myself in my Sparetime; so it kinda is a Hobby :)
    I like Photography, even if I'm not very good at it. Sometimes I get payed for taking Photos, but this is way different.
    I like to cook, but only if there are Guests. Gaming, sometimes (when I have time).
    One big thing: I like to learn. Not particulary something like Math or "classic" things, I like to inform myself. About History, or technical Stuff. All this Knowledge is very important to me, in my Job as well as in my private Life; I love to know and learn stuff, that makes us big :)
  • Cool topic! Always good to get to know people in a community.
    Filmmaking has always been a hobby for me, albeit one that crosses over rather neatly into my professional career at FXhome. Here's a couple of movies I've made with friends recently:
    Outside of filmmaking I'm primarily a writer. I write a couple of blogs (see my sig for links), co-host a movie podcast and have also written two novels in the last few years, which I'm currently editing. Some of my short stories can also be found on my blog here:
    So, what else are people up to?
  • Agreed with CameraRick: I like to learn.
    Hobbies for me include travelling, reading (neuroscience, psychology, history, classics and fiction) photography, watching rugby, playing football.
  • My aim is to make film making a career, so I won't call it a hobby. I love drawing and painting, and I love combining that with my film making in the pre-production stages, but I also do some painting work professionally from time to time and I'm working on increasing that so it sits somewhere between hobby and work.
    So hobbies for me would reading, watching films, walking, photography, learning about film making and equipment, a bit of sculpting, production design, costume design, special and visual effects and so on. I'm also very into singing although I don't do nearly as much as I would like these days, but is a hobby and was at one point a career goal.
    You can check out a couple of live recordings from a gig way back in 2007 here if you like:
    The Chair Song
    And some drawings and paintings here:
    drawings and paintings
  • I don't have nearly as many hobbies as i did when i was a kid which is a shame- but at the moment i'm concentrating on film making. I used to collect the games workshop miniatures- i'd spend hours hunched around a lamp painting these tiny figures and creating miniature ruins and battlefields for them- it was great fun at the time but ultimately too expensive for someone like me. I think it's a good coincidence i did something like this in my youth as it's skills have transferred into what i do now as a hobby- costume/prop making and film-making.
    At the moment my favourite past time is walking- i love it-i think it's because as a kid we never had a car so we'd have to walk everywhere- sometimes the 4 miles into town and back. We'd also walk to the local parks and fields and my over-riding memory of these times was that it was always sunny! A very rare thing for Britain. As i got older i liked walking in more picturesque places- my favourite is in the peak district-which is fairly local to me. I call it a past time rather than a hobby as i don't give it the full attention and respect a hobby deserves. I remember a couple of years ago me and my brother went to Dovedale- where they filmed the white horse scenes for Robin hood- it was hailing golf balls and we'd be passing more experienced ramblers wearing all the high tech gear,(Boots, hiking sticks, raincoats...compasses) whereas me and my brother had nowt but a scarf and a duffel coat :D Good times.
    A hobby i'm loving at the moment is archery. I brought a 42 lb longbow for my birthday and it's beautiful. I've had to stop practicing at the moment because i got a blood blister on my finger.ouch.
    I find it interesting as well, reading from other peoples posts, just how many people create things with their hands in their spare time,their must be a link between this and film making there- but i'm not sure what it is :D
    All the best,
  • This is fun,
    Well for me, my primary interest is in movie special effects ie CG intergration etc, seem's to be a bit of an obsession of mine, i also beta test 3D software and when i get the time i either fly a paraglider and until recently i flew a flex-wing microlight (ultralight in the US). My other passion is Caving/potholing where me & my mates get caked up to the eyeballs in water torrents & mud WOooo HOOoo :D
    Me & the Mrs love socializing, bike rides usually skipping between pubs LOL Walking in the country is way cool but our favourate place in the world is the Bernese Oberland, Switzerland where we can mooch off into the mountains with backpacks & stuff....It dont get better than that !
    In between all this we have a 110" 16:9 screen in our living room so me & the Mrs snuggle up in style with bags of popcorn & nauties to watch our favourate movies.
  • I certainly consider myself a writer first and foremost, and I really hope that I can have a career writing screenplays. So I wouldn't consider it a hobby.
    My hobbies would include playing video games though. I was really into game theory in the last year of my college education, and co-wrote a 40 page paper about homosexuality in the RockStar game Bully (almost got it published too!)
    I also consider myself a pretty avid movie collector. I of course get all the good stuff that I'm supposed to (you know, like Christopher Nolan movies), but I have a real knack/desire to track down real oddities and strange movies that people have forgotten about. Just the other day I bought the Psycho II-IV pack. I have something like 3000 movies, all legitimately purchased.
    Also, I have a dog. Her name is Penny. She's a basset hound. That's sort of like a hobby, right?
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    Other hobbies beside film making ?
    Here we go :)
    Retro-Gaming & Casual Game Programming:
    Poetry & Writing:
    Back in the 90thies I was also playing bass guitar but I changed to keyboard after a while. Samples can be heard on above mentioned websites if you'll like.
  • Hey this is a great topic..!
    I've been a guitarist since I was 14 until my mid 30's and then got a little bit bored of the whole thing. Then about 3 years ago I decided to give stopmotion filming another try. I bought VisionLab and did my Lego Star Wars films and have been happy ever since.!
    Now days though I mainly do digital art with Vue by e-on Software (link to my gallery is in my sig). I work in IT for a living so I find that if I use the PC at home I try to use it for something more creative.
    Other than that it's all chilling out with my wife, watching films, reading and seeing my family. And a little bit of gaming as well.
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    @AngryChair: A great VUE portfolio - like it !
    Some months ago I was given VUE a testdrive - here's the final result:
  • I'm always a little confused by hobbies. Nearly everything I do is closely linked with work, but then I have a job I love so maybe that counts as a hobby as well? :)
    I really love films and would watch one everyday if I had the time - maybe when I retire. I'm lucky to be surrounded by people who know more about film than I do so I hear about a wider world of cinema. I don't have an encyclopaedic knowledge of any director or genre nor do I have a strong background in any specifics of filmmaking other than a reasonable understanding of vfx. Still, I love film, and even more so when someone I know has been part of the production.
    I would count filmmaking as a hobby as well. It never feels like work when I'm on a set being part of a production. I've had several roles in different small productions and what I really enjoy is the process. I would like some opportunities to direct in the future but its equally interesting for me to work with filmmakers who are significantly better than me (Ashley Wing, Sam Gorski, Niko Pueringer, Ross Turner) to assist or facilitate their productions.
    I've been involved in computing and programming for nearly my whole life. Programming used to be something I enjoyed and did as a hobby, but now I work with people who are just a billion times better at it than I ever was so I focus on things I'm better at. I'm passionate about user interface design and I'm pretty happy with how HitFilm is shaping up. :)
    I wish I had more time for computer games but I got sick of the lack of true innovation with only a few games having a strong enough story of gimmick to keep me playing over the last few years. Besides, I have Simon to tell me if anything slightly interesting happens with gaming in general.
    I guess cars are also a hobby, but I don't really like just looking at them, its more the driving. I have pretty much my ideal car at the moment, but its too fast and I can't afford the risks of taking it on a track so, erm, hmm. Secretly I long to be a racing driver. A filmmaking, user interface designing racing driver! :D
  • Heh, you need to design and build a custom dashboard with built-in cameras, so you can film while driving, and you'd be firing on all cylinders, Josh.
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    This is really interesting. Animation was always my hobby, starting when I was at school. Luckily I was able to do this as a career too and have now worked as a 2D traditional animator, on stop-motion series and now as a CG animator using Maya! In my spare time I also I should call it an obsession rather than a hobby :)
    I've always been interested in special effects and films in general. I especially like, and collect, Hammer Horror films, old Universal Horror films and low budget horrors. I'd love to make a low budget horror film one day. I also enjoy listening to music (all time favourite, probably more nostalgia now - Electric Light Orchestra - Jeff Lynne is a genius :) though I like a lot of prog rock and instrumental music too) walking, spending time with family etc
    Edit: Aculag, I really liked your songs!

  • @AngryChair: A great VUE portfolio - like it !
    Some months ago I was given VUE a testdrive - here's the final result:

    Hi Nuwanda. Thank you for checking out my gallery.! Nice image by the way, I like the detail of the ground terrain.
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    Great idea for a thread! Most interesting indeed.
    I am definitely looking into TV Production as a future career, although it would be a little different than film making in the sense of producing a movie from start to finish. Working for a major news network as a producer is definitely my ultimate goal, and it would allow me to get the best of film making and directing and also leave time for my other hobbies.
    Hobbies would include, for me, making films and VFX tutorials with friends, creating stock footage, finally getting into photography, pyro and fireworks, kayaking/sailing/jet skiing, snowboarding, mountain biking, and programming and web site design. I am also in the process of watching all of my favorite films and TV episodes- of the later, my favorite at the moment is The Shadow Line (BBC)- excellent show.
    Working at the office in the IT department certainly consumes a great deal of time, but gradually I am trying to revive my hobbies and work on new photos and short films. I have a few of each to release, but just haven’t had the time to finalize anything yet.
  • Well I'd have to say that I'm an artist first off. Been drawing since I was 2 years old.
    Oddly enough most of my hobbies are quite useful for making films as well. Many skills cross over to my film making. Drawing and painting, 3D digital art and animation, scale model building and model railroading, special effects make up, writing, reading, keeping and training exotic animals, music ( woodwinds and keyboards), camping and hiking, cooking, watching films.
    Most of my time is divided between my art and my film making.
  • Let's see. I discovered FXHome originally to suppliment the effects I could do in 3D animation. I started with Imagine on an Amiga and eventually moved to Electric Image Animation System on the PC. I've dabbled with Blender and the Student versions of 3D Studio Max and Maya, but don't really know any of those programs.
    Other hobbies include reading, model railroading in N scale (which includes building a small layout depicting the area I live in), any type of computer graphics, role-playing games (d6 Star Wars at the moment), feeding the wife's horses, and working in the yard.
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    Filmmaking is still one of my favorite hobbies; unfortunately, without any other available actors at the moment, I can't do much more than FX tests. Hopefully during the school year I'll be able to collaborate more with other filmmakers.
    Currently my top hobby is boxing/Muay Thai. My uncle taught me the techniques, but we live too far away for any formal training. So I just practice at home and whenever someone challenges me to fight. I also pick up any other techniques I can find (mainly from BJJ, Wing Chun, judo, taekwondo, Krav Maga).
    Other hobbies: reading, writing, reviewing movies to exercise my brain, making mini-comics.
  • Film making is a hobby, But I am far from an expert. Also building stuff, things that move, light up, and shoot. I am also a fan of Lego.
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    My main hobbie is WW2 airsoft re-enactment and also a member of the 501st Vader's fist
    starwars costume club and try to fit a bit of filming in between and costume making too
    as you see in my Avatar the rebel costume i have not long finished
  • Everyone here is so multi-talented. Lets see, photography, writing novels (Hope to have my Novel Airship Lament up on Kindle by end of this year.) making masks and props for my film. Reading, watching as many films as I can, good and bad. Trying out ways to make manual visual and sound fx. And enjoying trying out and using HitFilm
  • NXTnut, its okay not to be an expert. Neither am I. :D That's the great thing about the forums here. You can always learn something new from someone. Even old hands like Simon who works for FXHOME discovers new ideas and things to try here.
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    Career wise, I'm a body modification artist, so I perform Tattoos, Body Piercing and Hardcore Mods as part of my daily job.
    Filmmaking and VFX are a hobby for me, and will most likely always stay that way.
    Either way, I love my current job, but will continue developing my skills in VFX "just in case".
    PS: if you want examples of the work I do, visit my WIP website:
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    Going to do a bit of thread necromancy here to do something of an update on my original post. I've been making progress in the musical world, getting better at both playing and recording with each song I do. Right now I actually have a bit of a backlog of unfinished songs. All I need to do is add vocals to most of them, but it just takes time that I don't really have.
    I had a four day weekend for Christmas, and I recorded instrumentals on a new song that I wanted to share here. If anyone has any comments or critiques on it, I'd be happy to hear them as I'm not 100% happy with it yet. Right now it's mostly just an outline of what I want the song to be like when it's done, and I don't know if I want it to end how it does, or continue on to something else. Feel free to voice your opinion.
    The song is called Combustion Stains, and you can find it here!
    I also posted a Tumblr link in my original post that I said I'd update, and I don't think I ever did. However, I do update my SoundCloud page quite often with sketches and works in progress. Occasionally, I'll actually complete one of the tracks I start, and that gets posted there as well. I also remove things from there quite a lot, so it's a somewhat more dynamic venue than Tumblr was.
    Anyone else have any updates about their hobbies to post? Made/done anything cool lately?
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    For me it would be:
    Costuming: Member of the 501st New England Garrison, Stormtrooper TK1077 and Darth Vader SL1077
    WWII Living History Reenacting 26th YD
    Computer Gaming: Steam name= Avman-[DGI]-
    Console Gaming: Xbox 360 gamertag= Avmandgi
    Prop making: Cardboard guns and foam swords
    Watching movies: Sci-fi, War, Action
  • Avman, what sort of thing do you all use for your re-enactments, as far as weaponry goes? Do you use blanks, or airsoft, or what? I've always wondered about that.
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