Exporting to Youtube or computer

Hello again, I have a 9 second clip where everytime I export it to Youtube, or well, upload to Youtube it says: "Youtube upload error:
type: yt validation
reason: too_long
description: media:group/media:keywords/text()"
What do I need to do?


  • What are you titling the video? I kept getting an error when I used a & symbol in the title. Is your title actually too long?
  • Thanks guys, we'll investigate this. It does sound like it might be related to a title being too long or containing unusual characters.
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    I called it "Lightsaber Test" but I'll try to name it "Lightsaber" and see what happens.
    EDIT: Nope, didn't work. Gives the same error.
  • Nesrual - just wanted to let you know that we are looking into this error here, and hope to have a solution for you soon. Did you add any info into the Description or Tags fields?
  • I did add stuff to the description and tags. I really hope this error will be fixed soon, oh and keep up the fabtalousticexcellento work! This program is so good, and easy to use too :)
  • I think you didn't seperate the tags with commas, so, it would be interpreted as one tag and that one was too long. I had the same thing shortly... B-)
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    you need to use commas? Woops, didn't know that, again, trying it out.
    EDIT: It didn't seem to work.
    EDIT2: Having only one tag makes it upload fine.
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    I also get an error message after or at 100% rendering. The exported file is also not playable, neither by Quicktime nor by Windows Media Player.
    The following is my computer specs:
    OS: Windows 7 Home Premium 64Bit
    Motherboard: ASROCK 880GMH-USB3
    CPU: AMD X4 Phenom 3.2GHz
    RAM: 4GB
    Video Card: MSI GTS250 1GB
    Sound_card: Realtek on-board
    Hard_Drive_Capacity: 500GB

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