I get a warning when I download the demo

my computer won't let me download the demo! is this happening for anyone else?


  • Hi Fridge,
    I downloaded and installed it several days ago, got the updated demo yesterday, and just tried to download again to test it out today. Seems fine to me.
    What happens when you try to download it?
  • It says that not many people have downloaded it, and it may harm my computer, I've tried to ignore that and find out how to install it but it won't let me
  • I've not seen this before. Maybe you have some specific security software which thinks it knows best - do you know what you're running?
  • Hi Fridgebridge, sorry to hear you're having trouble. That's not an error message I'm familiar with, perhaps some anti-virus software or similar. Could you please provide a screenshot of the error message, so I can try to diagnose this?
    I also have just checked the download links, they are working fine for me too (Thanks Refuge Denied :)).
  • Is that when you try to download it, or when you try to install it?
    Are you using the official links on this site to download from?
    Ultimate: http://hitfilm.com/ultimate/download
    Standard: http://hitfilm.com/standard/download
    Can you take a screenshot of the warning and post it?
    Using Windows 7, this is what I get ...
    HF Download Page ...
    Click the link appropriate for your operating system (32 or 64 bit), then choose to Save the File to your hard drive ...
    Once it's done downloading, locate the file and run it. you will get a publisher warning (Win Vista and 7), click Run
  • I will try and get the screen shot as quickly as possible, and for security there is nothing blocking me from downloading it (I can download it but the notification comes up when I try to install)
  • i clicked "printscreen" now how do i get it into this text?
  • Are you by any chance using Windows 7?
  • it says "hitfilmultimate_x64_1.0.1907.40158.msi is not commonly downloaded and could harm your computer. [delete] [actions] [veiw downloads] (that is waht comes up)
    yes i use windows 7
  • try this ...
    with that warning present, hold 'Alt' and click Print Screen. Open Paint (on every windows computer) and click Ctrl+V (paste). Then Ctrl+S to save as an image :)
  • ok, i have done that, now how do i put it into this text??
  • Since you use Windows 7, you may have a program already installed called "Snipping Tool". This is built in to some versions of Win 7 and is made just for screenshots
  • hmmmm... if i cant downlaod demo, does that mean i wont be able to download real thing? or will i have to order a disc?
  • Click Add Reply on this forum, then attach the image.
  • oh, it has to be in the advanced message bit... there is waht it comes up with...
  • thats the actions screen
  • DanielGWoodDanielGWood Staff
    edited July 2011
    Ah, this is a feature of Internet Explorer 9..
    Clicking "Run Anyway" on the Actions screen should allow you to install the program as normal.
  • yes, i think so, at least i know this is the latest int explorer... does that mean anything?
  • edited July 2011
    Ahh, OK. I think you are running IE 9 and this is the "SmartScreen Filter". This is a Win Warning (from installing IE 9) that we don't see because we are probably using different browsers (FireFox here).
    You can ignore that warning for items downloaded form this site (or disable SmartScreen Filter in IE 9 options).
    What happens when you click "Options" or "View Downloads"?
    EDIT: Nevermind, Daniel beat me to it :)
  • if i click veiw downloads it comes up with stuff i have downloaded before.... and options?.... i will check now
  • Ah, great find Refuge!
    Explains this "feature" from Microsoft rather well :).
  • that is waht happened to me, but i think i mite be able to download it now, i fiddled with the options but i still doubt it
    i did it!!! THANKS you!

  • i did it!!! THANKS you!

    Awesome! Have fun :)
  • uh oh! i am on it, but how do i get into 3d compisting!?!?! :(
    nevermind, i got it, just need to get use to the new layout
  • it is really slow for me! shall i uninstall fxhomelab so it flows better?
  • No, they still need to work out some optimization details. I would just keep the demo (it wont expire) and install updates as they become available for testing.
  • I am trying to do the missle effect, but every time a scrub through the time line, when the smoke appears, it starts to freeze, but it works perfectly when there isnt any smoke! :(
  • Does your computer meet the requirements? --> My link
    If it doesn't then, that could be a reason why it would slow down.
    If it does, then your CPU may be being used up by other programs.

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