FX Library

I was wondering will there be a effect library just like was on the FXhome site for the Lab products? I thing it be a GRATE help to same something that that for HitFilm.


  • Eventually we do hope to add a preset library to the website, yes. So that user created presets can be shared easily with other users, and everyone can benefit.
  • Be on the lookout for the RodyPolis Preset Library lololol
  • I´d really support that - now, that I´ve bought HitFilm Ultimate :).
    The variety of particle effects in the Software is - though I quite like much of what there is already - not yet overwhelming, so a source of additional presets/templates in this forum would greatly increase the value of the software for me, and I guess for others as well, and it should not be too difficult to implement in the forum, as FXhome has done similar things before with other products.
    Although it is already very helpful that you can import all kinds of effects created outside of HitFilm (like in particle illusion etc.) as video layers and use them in a 3D space to move around freely between your other layers, the real strength of HitFilm in this area is of course to have particle effects that are not flat layers, but expand in all three dimensions.
    So to have more of that would be great. :)

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