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Wondering if there is anywhere specific to request certain tutorials? Obviously you cant get to all requests immediately but maybe we could have a part of the forums dedicated to specific requests.
For my suggestion, I'd really appreciate a tutorial on dust. Specifically things like dust devils/ tornadoes and how t ocreate realistic dust billows for example under a vertical take off and land aircraft.


  • I'll be starting a new tutorial series on the Particle Engine in the near future, and that will be one thing I'll be talking about!
  • The kinds of tutorial I want to see are.
    1. The 2009 Star Trek transporter effect
    2. Ghostbusters proton beam
    3. The dragonball kamehameha (that's look REAL)
    4. Naruto rasengan
    5. The pokeball effect
  • U should do a tutorial on animated masks, for stop motion projects.
  • Ooh, I've been meaning to have a proper go at the 2009 transporter effect. Time to get out the greenscreen.
  • Hi!
    Im used to edit movies in Adobe Premiere and Adobe Premiere Elements, but totally a newbie on HitFilm and specifically using 3D views. I would love some tutorials for the newbie beginners in this field.
    I tried to make a text in 3D to appear above a flat surface (with sea wave texture), but got stuck on the views,
    and what do do next... So if any would like to make a tutorial on how to make 3D text, and also demonstrate in detail exactly what one have to do and such. Going through the motions on how to operate the views, perspective, and the stuff that the more season 3D editor takes for granted, would be very much appreciated.
    I do love the work the FXHome team has done over the years, and this Hotfilm product really rocks! I was quite
    impressed with it the first time i started it. I do look forward to learn it, and get to use it in my projects.
  • Viking - good point. It's easy to forget that a lot of users are discovering 3D for the first time with HitFilm.
  • To your defence i actually watched the missile smoke tutorial, and i learned quite a bit from it, so it was a great help to me, to be able to use HitFilm, looking forward to learn more! :)
  • I hate to resurrect this form from the dead but it is the only one like it.

    I would love for their to be a tutorial about how to use the particle simulator to create effects that you want. 

    Basically the thought process that goes into taking a simulation visualized in your head and translating it to to an actual particle simulation.

    It would also be cool to show how you can make particles move in different ways, or in more complex shapes.

    I definitely have difficulty translating my ideas to a simulation.

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    That's what the Anatomy of a particle simulator tutorial is, to some extent. Breaking down what the different parts and groups of controls do, conceptually. So you can better understand how to put an effect together, regardless of what the specific effect might be. 


  • Narutos rasengan and sasuke chidori as well as eye effects like sharingan.

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