Using HitFilm to enhance practical lighting

Here's a fun shot I worked up today. I used Hitfilm to enhance the candle, and the light inside the box. I'll be putting a tutorial together soon that covers this shot, which is actually fairly simple in HitFilm. I thought about using the HitFilm 2 alpha build for this so I could use some Lens dirt, but opted to stick with HitFilm 1 for the sake of the tutorial. The key thing here, though, is that these effects work because they are built over the top of practical lights in the scene.


  • Dear goodness, that preview image looks awful! Do yourself a favor and set the quality to one of the HD options if you watch this, and I promise it will look better than that.
  • VERY interested to see that tutorial!
  • Cool. Combining practical and HF generated lights was something I was trying to do a month or so ago and wasn't really happy with the results.
  • Very nice Axel. I must start testing with practical lights as well as it appears to really help sell the effect. Looking forward to another tutorial
  • Thanks guys. I've been delayed a bit on getting this tutorial finished due to HF 2 stuff. But I will get it finished soon.
  • Only just saw the finished version of this shot, Axel - it looks fantastic!
  • Well, this tutorial got a bit hung up due to Hitfilm 2 being released and distracting me. But, a rather brilliant development that came about as a result is that all of the tools I use for this shot are now included in HitFilm 2 Express! So now when I get the tutorial finished, both Express and Ultimate users can (hopefully) benefit from it.

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