Per particle motion blur?

When I enable motion blur on a particle layer all the particles just get equally blurry no matter if they're still or in motion. Is there a way to enable per particle motion blur? Or would that be insanely cpu/gpu demanding?


  • Hm, the particle should be motion blurred on a per-particle basis, so particles moving faster should be more blurred. Can you upload an image or a video showing what's happening?
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    Ok, here's a picture with particles landing on a floor: blur1
    Here they are a bit later, settled down but still blurry: blur2
    I tried playing around with the shutter angle and discovered that from shutter angle 15 and up, everything looks the same. Below 15 I get no blur, so setting it to 14=sharp, setting it to 15=very blurry.
    These pics are identical:
    Picture with shutter 15
    Picture with shutter 180
    I jumped back and forth a frame on the timeline after changing the shutter to make sure it updated.
    I got a new gpu today, Geforce GTX570, but it behaved like this yesterday on a 8800GT as well (although I didn't play around with shutter angle yesterday).

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