Hitfilm - Extremely slow

I own a respectable machine. (intel i7 980x - 4.2ghz)
Even with total of 12 cores + 12 Gb mem + GTX480 + RAID 0 (4 hdds) the Hitfilm simply took almost 1:20 hour to render 30 seconds using "motion blur" in the same test of "missile smoke tutorial".(1920x1080 - MP4)
I saw that this was because the program only used 2 cores for a total of 12 cores.
I also noticed that the Hitfilm used only CUDA system.
In edit mode, each frame was carrying more than 3 seconds.
PS.: This all happens even now using version 1907.40247


  • That does sound slower than it should be, although I'm no technical expert. I'm sure the devs will take a closer look on Monday when they're back in the office after the weekend.
    Would you be able to upload your project file so that we can test the exact same export on various systems our end?
  • Ok
    Thanks for the help.
    I have just tried to send the attached file as you suggested but it were not permitted through this forum.
    How can I send it to you ?
  • If you submit a support ticket, you should be able to attach the file to the ticket, so we can take a look.

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