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Hi everyone, I'm not sure how many of you are familiar with the band Abney Park, but they are fairly popular in the Steampunk music scene. One of their vocalists, Jody Ellen, is working on her first solo album, and I had the opportunity to write and record all the drums for it. She currently has a fundraiser going to help raise the necessary funds to mix, master, and press the CD's.
There's a preview of what some of the songs will sound like in the following video, though it contains the songs before final mixing and mastering, and in several cases, before final recording was finished. The style is a bit eclectic, but I reckon it would probably fall somewhere in the area of pop or pop punk, depending on the song. But anyway, in case any of you wanted to help us out with getting it finished, in exchange for some cool swag, please check out the link above.


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    There's a "steampunk music scene"?
    Drums sound pretty good from the samples, man. It just kinda sounds a bit like generic pop rock to me, though, so not really my thing. I'm curious why she didn't go with something like Kickstarter instead of the paypal thing.
  • Think of anything and there'll be a steampunk version of it. ;)
    Good luck with this, Axel - though, as Aculag mentioned, I'm surprised Jody didn't go with Kickstarter, given that the fundraising model appears to be very similar. Kickstarter is so established now that I would expect people to be very comfortable investing in projects there, perhaps more so than through a random PayPal.
  • There is indeed. Abney Park, Steam Powered Giraffe, Vernian Process, Professor Elemental, The Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing, Dr. Steel, The Cog is Dead, and dozens of other steampunk bands regularly perform at Steampunk conventions, and generally draw more people than any other aspect of the conventions.
    I don't know why she didn't use Kickstarter. Had she consulted with me, I definitely would have recommended it, but I'm not really involved in that aspect of the project much. Maybe because this way she has immediate access to the funds as the come in, so she can pay the mixing, mastering, and replicating costs as they come? I'll have to ask her, I guess.
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    Do those bands do anything steampunky with their music, or is it just regular rock music with steampunk clothing? I'd love to see a band with like, steam powered amps, or accordions, playing some kind of creepy Victorian-influenced gypsy jazz or something. :)
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    It depends on the band, but generally the instruments look very steampunk, and they frequently incorporate victorian-era instruments. And since steampunk is essentially a blend of time periods, most of them incorporate a blending of other musical genres, and a variety of odd instrumentation. Abney Park, for example, frequently uses accordion, violin, banjo, mandolin, darbuka, bouzouki, and a brass section, in addition to electric guitars, electric bass, piano and keyboards. But their drums are almost always programmed. They do quite a bit of pirate shanty, gypsy, and swing stuff mixed into their songs. If you are interested in checking some of their stuff out, i recommend the album Aether Shanties as a starting point. Steam Powered Giraffe is three guys who impersonate musical automatons built in the 1890's. And are pretty darn good at it.
    But for the most part, the main features shared by the various steampunk bands are the themes in the lyrics, and the presentation of the performances. A lot of the bands have an entire backstory for their steampunk personas, and their songs tie into that backstory. Or the lyrics in general are steampunk-based.
  • So, I talked to Jody about why she didn't use Kickstarter or something similar. Kickstarter takes 15% of the total donations, so its more cost effective for her to handle the administration herself.
  • Another update: we now have a release date: September 23, which is a Sunday, at 1 PM PST. There will be an online release party of some sort happening then, including a chat with the musicians, and maybe some other stuff which is still TBA. The fundraiser is still active through the 12th, so if anybody is in a position to help us out, that would be awesome. I'll add more details about the release as they are worked out and confirmed.
  • OK, here are the final details for the album release tomorrow: September 23rd @ 1:00pm PST- "Skyscrapers & Helicopters" will be released. Grab a seat at #jodyellen and chat with us! You can also watch a live interview with Jody (and me) on Youtube at that time. We will be posting the link on Facebook & in the chat!
    We will play songs off of the album and take questions from the chat, so make sure you get there between 12:00-1:00pm! And here are links to a couple of the finished songs, so you can check 'em out:
  • The first song there didn't really grab me, but the second one was awesome. What's it called?
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    Thanks, the second one is called PlayPen, and is among my favorites from the album. I'd love to see Jody do more stuff in that direction.
    I expected the names of the tracks to show up when I posted, as they are in the links, but they got converted to those play button thingies. The first song is called Punch, and the second is Playpen. There is a pretty wide range of types of songs on the album, so hopefully there are a few other songs that you'll enjoy, too.

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