Fireworks with Mobile Emitters

I've been working on this effect for a tutorial to introduce Mobile Emitters. This is what they can do:


  • Looks like another good one. Can't wait to see it.
  • Any chance of this coming out in time for me to do something fo New Year's Eve?
  • Sorry, a little thing called HitFilm 2 got in the way of me finishing this particular tutorial. We decided it was more important to get some training done for the new features that are added to version 2 than to create further tutorials discussing the version 1 tools, so this tutorial is on hold for a little bit. It won't happen before New Years, of that I'm certain. But, in Lieu of a proper tutorial, I will provide three presets, which are different versions of the effect, created in HitFilm 2. I do still hope to finish the tutorial eventually, but these should give you something to play with and examine in the mean time.
    Firework 1
    Firework 2
    Firework 3
  • Thanks for this. Umm, being a novice, how do I get those presets loaded into the programme?
    Sorry to trouble you...
  • Don't worry Axel, I figured it out. And they are awesome! Many thanks!!
  • Cool, glad you got it figured out. I hope you have fun with them!

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