Camera Animation in 3D Space

Hi Everyone,
Just wonder because I never seem to get a handle on animating the active camera in 3D space correctly. I'm doing something wrong every time. It doesn't seem to do what I expect after setting key frames. It always ends up with the camera going all over the place. It's late and I'm tired and a little insight would be great.


  • One of the keys for successful camera animation is to learn the concept of camera rigs. This is a technique used in a variety of 3D software programs.
    For example, if you wanted to animate a camera orbiting a target, you could create a 3D point layer, parent the camera to the point layer, and animate the point layer's Y rotation value.
  • We'll try to get some tutorials up about this.
    I imagine the difficulty you're encountering is that the keyframes will always take the shortest route from one to the other, so even if you're painstakingly moving the camera around, the keyframes won't necessarily take the same route. As Hendo says, this is common to all 3D apps, it's not HitFilm-specific.
    Camera rigs, whereby you use points or other layers to 'drive' the camera are very useful. It's actually analogous to filming with a real camera - you'll often need to use a tripod, or a glidetrack, or a crane etc in order to get the shot you actually want.

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