Plane masking

Hey! I followed the tutorial that FXhomeHitFilm posted on Youtube and I got a horrible problem! Everything was fine until I added the plane named "Core" and after masking, it didn't want to show the white inside the mask, it simply won't work! I did everything the video said, but I haven't added anything on the editor tracks, is that needed? I only have the raw shot and the composite shot, and yeah, won't work. Please help me!


  • Did the plane show before you added the mask? Did you make sure the plane's color is set to white?
  • Also, did you change the layer's Opacity at all? Make sure that's 100%. (Under the Transform group.)
  • I did that, yes, both checking the plane was there before, and it was set to white. When I press the red button at the mask drop-down menu I can turn the opacity up, and it fills everything, but when I turn it off, nothing is there.
  • Maybe system specs would be helpful? (There has been a masking problem reported in another thread, and the issue has been solved by updating the graphics card driver.)
  • You may be encountering this issue:
    Please have a read of that article and make sure you drivers are updated as described to see if it helps.

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