Tutorial Idea!

I was wondering if you guys could do a tutorial on how you made that video with the three missile hitting the building. Like it that video show us how to do the lighting and change the missile color. If you could it would be much appreciated and thanked.
Thank you.


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  • I cant see the video.
  • Ya I can't see it either. Well, go to the Hitfilm Youtube Page and you'll find the tutorial.
  • I know that tutorials that include the necessary footage any any other elements are something that is specifically planned for HitFilm, so be assured you will see some in the near future. It is a great idea, and really helps make the tutorials as informative and helpful as possible. In the period of time surrounding the launch we've all been a bit busy making sure things are running as smoothly as possible, and working to fix any issues that came up after launch, so we haven't had as much time yet to focus on tutorials as we would like, but they will be coming. I look forward to working up a few myself, as well as seeing what everyone else comes up with.
  • I fixed the embedded video. :)

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