Can't find my preset.

Hey. So I made a muzzle flash preset and it worked fine. I can open it in the program and everything with no problem. But I can't find the file on my computer. Let's say I wanted to share the preset with someone, how would I do that? Thanks.


  • I think by default the folder that holds them is hidden. You need to access the ProgramData folder on your Harddrive, which is normally hidden to stop people from messing things up in it, I guess. Once you've unhidden the folder, the presets are in FXhome > HitFilm (version) > Presets.
  • I did that, but there's no Fxhome or Hitfilm Folder to be found. I see pretty much all of my other programs except Hitfilm.
  • I can't find it either. I made sure windows can see all files and folders. I do not see a preset folder in C:\Program Files\FXhome\HitFilm Ultimate.
  • Alberto - its not in the Program Files folder, its in the ProgramData folder. I'd give instructions on how to find it, but I'm too new to the Windows OS, and I don't remember exactly how to do it. But on your main hard drive, Program Files and ProgramData are two different folders, and ProgramData is the one you need.
  • Yes, and remember I got there (or at least think I got there) but didn't find it. Do post instructions as soon as you can cause the ones I got off google took me to that place that they're not at. Thanks.
  • It shows up for me right here:
    Hope that helps!
  • Thanks a lot bayez!
  • That's exactly where I meant to say. Did I accidentally screw up somewhere in my instructions?

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