First impressions

Wow, I'm downloading the demo right now.


  • Same here and I'm not in work tomorrow either.
  • Damn!!! :dry: Looks like I'm gonna have to wait till I upgrade my system a bit till I can use HitFilm. It's cool though, I've waited this long... a few more days won't hurt... I hope. 8-| :))
  • Just downloaded the software and cannot wait to do some side by side comparisons to my Premier/After Effects CS5.5 setup. So far it looks promising!
  • This software is very impressive. I have to un-learn some stuff and start from scratch (like a simple green screen effect, totally baffled) But loving it so far!
  • Hit Film Ultimate has far exceeded my expectations. I can't wait for the optimizations and other new features. Keep up the great work!
    John B-)

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