Idea: Link points to other points inside layers

What do you think about linking points to other points specified by other layers...?
Examples 1:
- Create a new plane & add a mask
- You're be able to link a point to a mask-point of this layer
Examples 2:
- Create a new plane & add a lighting effect
- You're be able to link a point to the lighting-start/end point
and so on..
You can use this linked point in other layers, e.g. light-flares, ... where ever you can link a point-layer.
Why again?
This idea comes as I've seen the short customer clip where a lightsabre was effected by the lighting effect. I thought: how to animate this in a smooth way?
So, if points could be linked to other points, you may do the following:
1) Create a plane with a mask and animate this mask over time (= lightsabre)
2) Link one layer-point to the upper point of the mask
3) Create a new plane with the lightning effect attached
4) Link the lightning endpoint with the layer-point (2)
Result: You don't need to animate the lightning-effect. The endpoint will aways follow the mask...
That's only one example what you can do with this... :D :D
Best regards,


  • This would indeed be a nice addition, but I'm not sure about determining the right point if a freehand masks consists of really many points...
  • Yeah, without a system to name points or something, it could be tricky sometimes determining whether you needed point 26 or 27 of a complex shape, for example, but it could be quite handy for basic shapes in some instances.

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