"The File could not be imported" when importing an MP3



  • @ThomasLyfe HitFilm does not support floating point PCM audio. Exporting your audio from Audacity to "WAV (Microsoft) signed 16-bit PCM" should import correctly in HitFilm. I've just done it for an mp3 I had and it worked. Please let us know if it doesn't for you.

  • @ThomasLyfe You probably converted to a 32-bit float WAV. HF does not support 32-bit float audio. Just convert to 16-bit WAV audio.

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    FYI, I've been having the same issue with mp3 files purchased from a large online retailer (name starts with "A" and ends with "mazon"). What I've found through experimentation is that they watermark the files with a special code in the "comments" field of the ID3 tag. HitFilm does not like this for some reason. Grab one of the many free tag editors and delete the text in the comments field and, lo and behold, HitFilm loads them up fine.  

    [edit] It looks like embedded album art is not tolerated by HF either. so remove that also.

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    Hello, i solved this problem with  :

    Download the "mp3tag" software

    -install and open mp3tag

    -import all your MP3s that are not working (you can import multiple files at once) into mp3tag

    -mark all files then right click, and click remove tags

    -now try to import to Hitfilm Express, it should work


  • Ok I have found a solution, that at least worked for me with multiple files which otherwise were not being imported.

    1. Opened up the tags of the mp3 file in a tag editor (Mp3Tag in my case)..

    2. Opened advanced tags, clear out everything and save it

    3. Import the file into Hitfilm.

    4. Enjoy editing!

  • I have the same exact problem!

    Do we have a solution yet?

    I used to do the same thing earlier and could easily import mp3 and wav files from audacity and now it shows "File Error".

    It is the same old Audacity and not the new updated one. Please help as I am really stuck with this project.


  • @doveranalyst Much more info is needed.  The easiest way to get this is to use MediaInfo (install it if you don't have it already).  Once installed, drop one of the problem audio files into it.  Switch the mode to Text, then copy the report you see there and paste it into a reply here.  That will tell us all kinds of lovely details about the file that will help with troubleshooting.

  • 6~7 years and they still haven't gotten this problem fixed. Thanx to all the work around posters, but seriously Devs, fix this crap already.

  • @BorgQuads What exactly is "this problem" that you're referring to? There are a few related problems mentioned in this thread.

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