Shouldn't Presets Reset to Default Preset Values?

I was playing with the Green Ripple Shock Preset. Under the General section there I noticed resetting the values there do not reset the values to the preset values.
For Example:
The default General Green Ripple Shock preset values are 10 S, Ripple, 60%, 30%, 200 , and 40.
I play with a few values then decide what I like for the shock is not good.
I click the reset icon and this sets the values to 10 s, Plasma, 75%, 10%, 200, and 30.
I would have expected this to give me the default preset value before I started fooling around with it. I used the "Undo" in the History section to get me back to where I was.
Is this the correct behavior to expect when resetting a preset?


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    Yep, it is behaving properly. The preset isn't an entity in itself, it is just a series of settings that gets applied to a particular engine. So the Reset buttons for that engine will go to the engine's defaults, not the preset's. Does that make sense? Once a preset is applied, its not the preset that exists on the timeline, it is the engine that the preset was applied to.
    So if you want to go back to the preset's defaults, then using the Undo was the correct way to go, else you could just reapply the preset, if you had already performed other actions elsewhere that you didn't want to undo.

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