have amd Phenom II x4 840 cpu & ATI radeon hd 4250 will it work?

i'm loading simple mpeg movie files in it and they play but no audio. Is this gpu enuf to do 2d or 3d work in hitfilm? How come no audio?


  • HendoHendo Staff
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    Can you upload a short (roughly 5 seconds) sample clip of your mpeg movie please? Then we can try it here.
    As for your GPU, it appears to meet the minimum spec but it's well below the recommended. So it'll be sufficient for simple 2D and 3D work but won't be as fast as newer cards. It's definitely worth updating your driver, though, and trying the Demo version to see how it performs.
  • Hi Hendo!
    I upgraded my hitfilm to the newest version yesterday and now it will not even launch. Normally I reserve C: for windows only and install all other programs on a different virtual drive like i did with hitfilm.
    - does hitfilm have to be installed on C:(windows xp prof) or can I install it on any drive?
    - when hitfilm was working before the upgrade, a simple mpeg2 (from a sony video camcorder) would play any .mpg video but no audio. If I created a audio track in Hitfilm and loaded a mp3 in it - that would play audio fine. I couldn't even attach a sample .mpg cuz of your 500k size limitation. Are mpeg2's supposed to load and play audio/video in Hitfilm? What do u think is wrong?
    What do I do about both of these problems?
  • Do you get an error on startup? If so, what's the exact message?
    If it asks you to submit an error report, please do so and include your username so I know it's from you. :)
  • no error on start up - in fact nothing happens even when I go to the folder and launch the .exe directly.
    Can u answer the other questions also?
    U know support would be a lot faster if u guys went to live chat!

  • I'm pretty sure you should be able to install HitFilm on your virtual drive without a problem. As far as the audio issue, mpegs are supported, but the format of the audio connected to the file might be a factor. Can you check what format the audio is in? Its also worth nothing that even though they are compatible with HitFilm, MPEG2 is not a good codec choice for editing, as both quality and performance will be negatively affected. Its a great format for finished videos, but not so much for editing.
    As far as the upload, I think what Hendo had in mind was for you to upload it somewhere and give us a link. If you don't have webspace for that, you can always submit a support ticket and attach a short clip to the ticket.
  • Hi Axel:
    Somebody there should know for sure if hitfilm is installable on a virtual drive. Computing is difficult enough without just guessing. The developers must know for sure.
    Meanwhile, what should I do, install it and reinstall it or what?
    Since mpeg2 is the default format of the sony handycam I have, what do I do? It's one thing to say it's not the best format, but since i can't control the format, what do I do, if anything, with a default mpeg2 file? Do I convert it? Do I_________? Can u play a mpeg2 in hitfilm and get sound?
    Meanwhile I'll create a support ticket and upload the file.
  • Yeah, the developers certainly will know for sure, and they will no doubt provide a definitive answer when they get back into the office tomorrow. While they are sleeping in the UK, though, I'm working to answer people's questions from my location in the US, so it will be a little while before I can get a final answer from them.
    In the meantime, I would try re-installing the software to see if that will at least get it to launch, and I will take a look at the tickets to examine the audio in the file you uploaded.
  • Hi!
    I went to uninstall hitfilm in the control panel and it wasn't there! Somehow the upgrade I did blew it out. So I had no choice to but to reinstall the new version from a few days ago and it worked. I looked in the control panel and it is there. I think hitfilm only installs on c: despite what I said cuz on the reinstall custom there is no option to install on another drive. Either way the new netfilm upgrade is working.
    I tested .mov and .avi files and they both output audio. The problem is only .mpg. Regardless of which .mpg I use out of many - there is no audio. Meanwhile all these .mpg's play audio in gom video player. So the problem is definitely in hitfilm or in the codec or something else. Am I the only person complaining about .mpg's? This should be a simple problem for the hitfilm support staff to resolve. Plz get back to me asap.
  • Did you upload a short (5 second) sample clip of your .mpg, or attach it to a support ticket?

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