How do I use mobile particles?

I'm currently experimenting with the particle engine and played with mobile ermitters, but I'm not sure, how to use them ie. how to control them. Mobile particle also have lifetime parameters like scale, but a curve from 100% downto 0% doesn't work as expected. Also, the alpha channel can't be control over lifetime. How to control the ermitting point of mobile ermitters or: for what did I use them in general?
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  • Mobile Emitters basically allow you to emit particle generators, rather than individual particles. One example of where this would be useful is in creating fireworks, where you want to emit a burst of points that will later burst themselves.
  • Hi.
    Well, think, it's time for a tutorial... 8-| 8-|
    I'll try it again to figure out, how to control them...
    Thank you,
  • Mobile emitters are probably the most complicated thing in HitFilm.
    I hope to have a whole series of tutorials about the particle simulator in the near future. It's also something I'll be adding to the manual as soon as possible. It's inherently the most difficult area of the software to use, but it's also the most powerful and exciting.

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