i really love making movies but am consider myself a NOOB when it comes to editing and all that jazz, i just wanted to know if the standard software allows for SPLIT-SCREEN and effects like GUN FLARE, BLOOD, EXPLOSIONS, cuz that would be awesome for me to learn


  • Yes, it's a fully functional compositing application, so it will do split-screen and much more, as well as having engines to create 3D muzzle flashes and particle effects, and also composite stock footage for things like explosions, smoke and blood!
    You can find out more on the Hit Film Standard and Hit Film Ultimate features pages.
    Hope this helps :)
  • sweet man thx...hopefully this program helps me learn alot about video editing and all that stuff, its just such a great hobby for me cuz i know eventually as i age i cant be playing sports all the time and videogames will just annoy my wife haha
  • Haha, well this is a great hobby, I hope you enjoy learning it!
  • As time progresses, there will be lots of training and tutorial material coming out as well, to help you and others learn to use the software even better and more quickly.

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