There are glitches on rendering

Just want to post that to make sure the Hitfilm team knows about that. When I render footage, specially if I do mp4, weird stuff will happen in the video. Sometimes it's for just a frame or two, but you can see it. One time it looked like and area of my footage was stretched, and another time it just glitched for a few frames. I know there's a lot of updates coming soon, so I hope these bugs get fixed.
Also, could we get some more codecs for rending in avi? There's only DV or uncompressed. THanks.


  • Hey RodyPolis,
    It would be really useful to see some videos with these glitches and also take a look at the project files.
  • After reading RodyPolis's post I was wondering what the supported formats are.
    Supported formats
    And I see that you cannot save out a QuickTime yet.
    Is this on the list to be added?
    Is there a planned road map that can be viewed?
    I often save out QuickTimes with TGA or PNG lossless compression or AVID Codecs.
    At the very least if the machine has a lossless AVI codec installed like Huffy can that be saved? It would also be nice to save out more than one video at the same time. A full resolution version and a preview quality version that you email for approval, etc.

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