Best way to create light flare

If you show at this Hitfilm video, how does the light flare was made?
I know, the light flare is a layer-only effect, but if I create a plane, the flare is limited to it's dimension. So how do I create a unlimited flare?


  • Hi Marc,
    There will be a new tutorial about Missle Smoke going up today or tomorrow which will show you all about this.
  • Hi.
    Thank you. A tutorial would be great. I've experimented with the layer-only effects yesterday, but can't reproduce the look of the video. As soon as I switch the plane (containing the light-flare effect) to 3D, I can see it's dimensions and the flare is flat. If I switch back to 2D, the lense doesn't effect in 3D space. I could assign the hotspot to a point-object, and now the flare could be controled in space, but it seems to be not the same as in your video...
    I stay tuned for the tutorial...8-)

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