Feature proposal for future

Hello to all!
I've downloaded Ultimate demo version and I must say that this is great piece of software with very big potential. After couple days of playing with Hitfilm I realized that it may have in the future some tools:
1. Waveform monitor and Vectorscope (that are "must be" features)
2. Curves tool (someone wrote in other topic that Final Cut hasn't this tool, but FC is editing app. Hitfilm is editing/compositing hybrid, so for compositing curves are standard)
3. some filters should be included as independent tool (for example if I'm not mistaken Vibrance tool is based on High pass filter but high pass has many other applications than this ;) )
4. color correction wheels should have an option for defining a ranges for highlights/midtones/shadows
5. I don't know why Set Matte tool can't receive alpha information from other layer with applied masks
6. in the far future simple 2d tracker will be great addition :D
7. some fake shadowing for particles like "shadowlets" in Trapcode Particular ;) because now shading is too view-dependent. From one view particles are looking great but from other they are becoming flat.
8. LUTs ?:D
Anyway congratulations for FXhome:D you're making great software!


  • Glad to hear you are liking the software thus far, and thanks so much for the suggestions.
    I was the one who made the comment about curves elsewhere. Since Final Cut Studio is all I have to reference, I checked there, confirming that neither Final Cut not Motion offer a curves tool. Its good to know that other compositing software does. Which compositing ap are you using where this is standard? (The developers probably already know this, as they have done their homework much more extensively with regard to what a modern compositing app needs to have. But I'm curious.)
    Also, it has been announced, prior to release, that 2D point tracking is slated to be added in shortly, in the very near future. Its a very important feature that we want to add as soon as possible, but we weren't able to get it implemented and functioning smoothly in time for the initial launch. But it should be coming soon.
  • After Effects and Combustion offer curves out of the box. I think that Hitfilm is similar to these two but much more to AE. Developers could think about some more advanced tool for selective color changing/suppressing. Don't get me wrong, I think that Hitfilm already has great color grade tools :D and a few more are welcome:D

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