How to tint particle effects?

I've (maybe) a stupid question:
How to I colorize/tint 3D-particle effects?
I've created a simple composition:
1) Camera
2) Matted footage (simple image with some chromo-keying-effects)
3) 3D-particle
4) Original footage
Okay..if I play the animation, my particles are only visible in front of the matte - fine. But the particles itself doesn't match to the enviroment (color & lightning).
What's the best way to make it more realistic?
I've tryed to place a grade-layer between (2) and (3), but this also affects (4).
Thank you,


  • You probably want to create the particles as an embedded comp. You'll then be able to grade the embedded comp on its own, or use a grade layer inside the embedded comp, which would only affect the particles.
    Let me know if you need some more info!
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    Easiest way is to just change the colour and/or texture of the particles themselves (Emitter --> parcile systems --> appearance and appearance variation, then change texture and/or colour and colour variation etc).
    EDIT: apologies if you already were aware of this....above and beyond what I said, Simon of course provided the right advice.
  • Ahh...yep, you're right. I forget the possibility of embedding a previously created composite shot. Doing this, you're be able to use any 2D effect to fit the particles to the main comp (color correction, blur, ...). Thank you,...

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