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Update: The film is now live! Please let us know what you think.


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    We've been a little quiet on the film front recently, but this month Lightmill Films are back with a new short film, Boss Boot Camp. A light-hearted look at how truly tyrannical bossses are made, it features the charismatic talent of Will Harrison-Wallace as The Boss/Drill Instructor.
    [center]Still from day 1[/center]
    The film was written and directed by Paul Cook and Matt Downton, and features additional camera work from James Gorman and Anthony Essberger, all chaps we've had the pleasure of working with in the past. Lightmill's Ross Turner worked on the cinematography of the film in addition to serving as Assistant Director, Editor and Producer. Myself, I took behind the scenes shots, filled in as an extra, and am now working on the marketing and release.
    [center]Running Steadicam shot, day 2[/center]
    We shot the film over a weekend in early March, with some awful weather on the second day, both cast and crew getting soaked to the bone. In terms of equipment we had 3 Canon 60Ds, a hired Steadicam 4000, a few tripods, and some borrowed LED-panel lights. Lenses: 70-200mm 2.8 L, 28mm 1.8, 24-70mm 2.8 L and a Tokina 11-16mm 2.8. We were quite lucky to have a dedicated sound recordist this time, complete with his own kit, which will hopefully show up in the quality of the end result.
    [center]Extras on set, day 2[/center]
    Together with Cook/Gorman productions, this is our entry into the Reed Short Film competition 2012, which Paul & James got shortlisted for last year with Liberation '44. The film should be up in a few days, and I'll update here when we have it online. In the meantime, please join us on Facebook, Twitter and Vimeo for the latest!
    [center]The Boss in action, day 2[/center]
  • Really good film! Thoroughly enjoyed it, and very slickly put together. Will post a bit more once I've had another watch.
  • I really love the look of this daniel- the behind the scenes shots are very enticing- i look forward to watching it later -bit late to concentrate on it at the moment- will comment more tomorrow!
  • Enjoyed the short film very much...Keep up the good work
  • That was pretty cool, and I also enjoyed the behind the scenes shot.
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    That lead actor fits the role to a tee. Great stuff!
    What's his name? Grishom-Johnson or something? Poor guy has a weird name that nobody can remember. Hahaha.
    I think the single biggest issue on these independent films is that the scenes run too long, and I think that's because the editor is not allowed to do their job fully.
    Or, more likely, the editor AND director are the same person.
    I think some fast cutting between indoor and outdoor scenes might help.
    The premise of the movie is good. Kind of wants to be Full Metal Jacket, but you need some "Stripes" shenanigans too. Or make the lead actor like a "Captain Mouser"(Police Academy) type, that takes himself too seriously.
    Final Decision: Two Thumbs Up! Best one I've seen so far.
  • I love it! :3
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    Found out today Boss Boot Camp has made the long list for the competition! See the full long list here.
    Interestingly they are supposed to only have a list of 24, but this year it's 50. Maybe the judges are having a hard time agreeing.
  • As a further update, we have also made it onto the shortlist! If you have a few seconds to spare, please vote for Boss Boot Camp here.

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