Took the day off work to play with HitFilm! lol

Don't worry, I didn't call in sick - I was owed a day off because I worked on the weekend.
Anyway, my new video card arrived this morning, which I ordered just so I could use HitFilm and it also doesn't hurt that now I can use the Mercury Playback engine in Adobe Premier as well.
I will be uploading some videos if I can get the hang of this.. it looks a bit more complicated than I thought it would. Hopefully, we can get some more tutorials on the level of Corridor Digital's 'PRISM' movie. Mainly, the teleport particle effect is what I want to be able to do.


  • Ams said :[quote]Mainly, the teleport particle effect is what I want to be able to do.[/quote]
    me too ;)
  • We'll try to put something together that takes a closer look at the teleporting soon.
    Have fun, Ams. :D
  • Can't wait to see what you come up with!
  • This is a good idea, think I need to take tomorrow off to play with hitfilm!
    With that in mind, are there any tutorials currently covering compositing 2 layers, one with an actor on and the other with a blank screen/ tripod shot allowing parts of the actor to disappear like we could do in the lab software suites?
  • HitFilmer27440 - sounds like you are trying to do a split-screen effect? If so, just add the two clips to a Composite Shot, with the clip including the actor on top. Remember that you can't do this in the Editor, it needs to be a composite. Then, add a mask to the top layer to remove the parts you don't want. I'd probably use the freehand mask tool to give me greater control, but if you just needed a rectangle, you could use that option as well.
  • @Ams how did it go!?

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