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Does Hitfilm Ultimate support image sequence import? We work in an all png and exr environment, and converting to Mov og AVI before compositing would be unfeasible. Are there plans to include this feature? Because that could make us reconsider our compositing app.


  • Yes, you can import image sequences. In the Media panel, click the little arrow button next to Import, and it will let you choose either Media or Image Sequence. Note that OpenEXR is currently not supported.
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    Thanks mate, but when I chose this option, my PNG sequences are not shown. BMP, JPG and TGA is not show either. Is this a limitation of the demo?
    Edit: ahh figured it out, it imports folders :) Damaged by working to long with Ae i guess :)
  • Next question, does Hitfilm Ultimate support 32bit workflow? I can only find 16bit in advanced project preferences.
  • HitFilm Ultimate supports either 8-bit integer or 16-bit floating point color rendering. You can change this in the Project screen for the current project, or in the Options dialog for all projects.
    Some recent GPUs will secretly use 32-bit float during the processing and rendering even though the application requested 16-bit float.
  • It goes up to 16-bit floating point at the moment.

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