Free Green Screen & Tracking Plates

Most of you may already know about this, but the folks that made the Hollywood Camera Work DVDs have posted a lot of green screen test footage that they shot using an HVX-200.
The footage and images are free to use as long as you don't host them yourself, and always link to the main pages, and not to the files directly.
The main site is here:
Hollywood Camera Work
The green screen plates for keying tests are here:
Green Screen Plates for Keying Tests
And finally, the tracking plates can be downloaded from here:
Tracking Plates for Matchmoving Tests

Just to mess around, I've been working with the "Yellow Glasses" still image in HitFilm. This is a tough one due to the color of the lenses, and the reflections. HitFilm does a darn good job! See below for the final result I was able to accomplish (I replaced the green background with a white one).
The only real problems I see are:
[*]The Spill Removal effect creates some blue garbage on the price tag. But I'm sure I could mask out the price tag if I wanted to spend the time.
[*]The top of the hand looks a little funky to me, from the fist knuckles to the first knuckle of the middle finger in particular. But c'mon ... it looks fine. Better than fine.
I'm anxious to see what others can do, especially with the footage as opposed to the stills.
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  • Very nice find! I'll download some of these for sure.
  • These guys have a great selection of stuff. Very useful for trying out techniques if you haven't got time to film something yourself.
  • Does the hand clip need some light spill, just to blend out that hard edge you mention on top of it?

  • Does the hand clip need some light spill, just to blend out that hard edge you mention on top of it?

    Hmm ... I'm pretty new to all this stuff, so maybe that will work. I'll have to try and figure out how to do it. Is that just one of the effects in HF?
    Thanks for the idea!
  • Light spill was in visionlab, there is an effect in the keying tab that says light wrap, maybe that's hitfilms version of lightspill.
  • Yep, light wrap is HitFilm's equivalent of the old light spill effect. Light wrap is the more accurate term.

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