Project files?

i just wanted to know if there Project files for any of the tutorials
please respond


  • If you go to the video tutorials page you can list the tutorials based on which ones have project files included:
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    thanks so much im really enjoying the hit film software ive been using adobe after effects for a while now and thought this would be an easy thing to learn due to all the similairities
  • i can i add extra fonts in hit film express 4?

  • On top of what Triem said, I'd like to add that HitFilm now supports both OTF and TTF fonts. They still have to be installed in C:\Windows\Fonts. This thread linked above is a bit old.

  • So I try to use the project files and when I go onto hitfilm and try to open the  project file, it says can't read file

  • @GamingGamer33: My initial guess is that there's a Pro-vs-Express mismatch between the project you're trying to open and the version of HitFilm you're using.  Pro should be able to open Express files, but Express can't use all the features saved in a Pro project.  It should still be able to open the file, but just without the Pro-only effects, though.

    What is the exact name of the project file are you trying to open?  What tutorial did it come from?

    Which version of HitFilm are you using, and which OS are you using?

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