Differences in Install Options

What is the difference between the Typical and Complete download of HitFilm Ultimate? Which features are included in the complete download version?


  • You mean the 32-bit and 64-bit downloads? Those are the only two download options available on the site. Or are you referring to the installation?
  • I am referring to the installation- sorry Axel- I should have specified.
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    No worries. I suspected that's what you meant, but wanted to make sure before answering, so I could give the correct info. As it turns out, I don't know the correct answer in this case. But I'm pretty sure that at this point the typical installation already gives you everything you need, and nothing is left out, but one of the devs will have to confirm.
    I suspect that is more of a standard feature of the install system than it is a feature they built in, and perhaps will be taken advantage of at a future time, but if you select the Custom install option, it shows you all the individual components, and I don't see anything that isn't included by default in the typical installation. So, I'm 95% sure that you don't gain anything by using the Complete option, but again, one of the developers will have to confirm that.
  • Currently there's no difference between the installation options; this will likely change in the future when we add optional content that users may not want to install.
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    Thanks guys! I appreciate the info. Keep up the great work!!!!

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