Graphics card question

I have been offered a radeon hd5570, with 2 gig memory, I can get it for under sixty quid so it seems reasonable. Any views on this card, and if it's worth the upgrade, I have a geforce 8600gs at the mo'.


  • Hey Mike,
    A new Radeon 5570 starts at about £50 from It should be noted that it represents pretty much the bottom of the range of current GPUs and is nowhere near the sweet spot for price to performance.
    We recommend at least the performance of the 9800GT for using HitFilm, more if you can get it, and the 5570 is below this. If you pay about 30-40% more for the 5770/6770 you'll get around twice the performance and have greater performance than our recommended 9800GT.
    A little extra makes a MASSIVE difference in some cases.
  • Ordering the 5770 as I type, cheers for the info.
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    So is HD 6310 graphics compatible??? HOPEFULLY IT WILL BE!!!!
    and if so will this comp work? My link

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