What I'd like to see in HitFIlm...

Editing wise I'm looking for option as I'm primarily a FCP user and I just tried working with FCPX. The main thing I need is usable 3-Point editing system with a decent sized viewer window next to the output window and to be able to traverse the timeline edit by edit. Attempting to trim clips with what amounts to a thumbnail within a window of other thumbnails is just not cool at 2 AM...(I've had to do that back in the day with Premiere 4) Color matching like what's in FCPX would be cool. MultiCam editing and collaborative editing with versioning.
Network management for all file types for a given project in one place(3D from Maya that needs to be rendered again, Composites, edit timelines, etc.)and organized by project would be great. Essentially what the update to Final Cut Studio and Final Cut Server were supposed to be.


  • Thanks for the feedback and suggestions, Horus397. Hitfilm isn't designed to be a comprehensive editor, it is primarily a compositing/effects creation tool, with additional editing capabilities included. As the program is updated the editing abilities should get more and more robust, but I wouldn't expect it to be a competitor with Final Cut any time soon.
    That being said, I'd love to see a larger preview window as well, and have discussed the possibility of adding that feature in the future with the developers. I've also discussed more comprehensive 3-point editing and the ability to advance through the timeline edit by edit with them. The current focus is on getting the existing features optimized and running as quickly as possible, but we will hopefully see the addition of some of those editing features in the not-too-distant future.

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