Hey guys. My cousin and I are working on a new sci fi type video series. I want to put in CGI to sell the future setting more, but I have barely used Blender for a month, and my models end up looking like some kind of blob that spent too much time in the wash. Is there any way I could easily add cgi to my films. I need 3d tracking software, and a modeler, and others, but I am pretty lost. Could someone help me? Is there any alternative to this?


  • what sort of models are you looking for? what type of scene are you doing?
  • I wanted to do a scene where my main character is being chased down by some type of flying vehicle.
  • ok, um, describe it to me like i am the head of your art department
  • Blender now has a built in 3D and 2D match moving option, all you need to do is learn how to use it. It's really fast too.
    As far as 3D models... there are a few sites that let you, freely use 3D models created by a bunch of people as long as you credit those people. Honestly... your best bet is to learn how to create your own 3D models.
    It's hard at first but you need to realize that it's a skill which you will eventually need in the long run. You may as well learn it. You'll feel better about having learned something that is complicated... trust me because it's what I had to do. :D
    Check this out. There are are a few clips in this thread that I made using Blender, HitFilm and Gimp. I used to matchmove video clips with the Voodoo camera tracker but now, I Match move in Blender because it's... FREE!!! :D
  • Basically, if you want to do it easily, then you need funds to hire an expert. That makes it easy. If you want to do it without spending bunches of money, you can, but it will be neither easy nor fast, and learning Blender, or any 3D program is going to take some time, study, and practice.
  • Would using pre-maid models be better? And Spydurhank, your CGI was exactly what I want. Could you maybe make a tutorial on how you got the 3d model into your movie? Thanks!

  • Would using pre-maid models be better? And Spydurhank, your CGI was exactly what I want. Could you maybe make a tutorial on how you got the 3d model into your movie? Thanks!

    pre-made models would certainly be easier, not sure about better, but easier. If you custom build your models then you have complete control over how it looks, you don't have to settle for kinda sorta what you want, you can have exactly what you want.
    It all depends on what you want, a static prop like say a building or a 50's style flying hubcap UFO would be easy, no rigging required, just build it, paint it, drop it in the shot. A giant tentacle monster with 50 writhing and wiggling tentacles, ok thats going to take some time because it all needs to be rigged to move and then animated etc.
    Spydurhank, you are doing some really kool stuff, looking forward to seeing more.
  • Axeman and MasterWolf are correct in every aspect.
    It feels like years since I've made a tutorial but sure, I can make one for you. It may be a little while because I'm still working on setting up the UVs' so that I can texture the ship in my last clip and that takes priority at the moment. Hopefully it won't take too much longer.
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    Rainy, I am learning Blender too. Lots of books and tutorials out there. Here's one of the best I've found. Its a free reference. Trouble with 3d models you purchase is you still have to rig and insert bones in most of them. Almost easier to make them yourself. You may want to check out the blender forums. You might be able to find someone willing to trade some Hitfilm fx work for some 3d modelling or even help with your own work in Blender. Just a thought :-?

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