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So hey, recently our friends over at TFM offered us something pretty cool- a secluded bit of office space, with our own keys and outside door, as part of their massive expansion and renovation of their own offices over the holidays. We agreed to some of their terms, and now we're, well, able to say we're based out of an office. By itself, it's not the biggest space- just an adjoining one-room office with it's own independent outside door- but it's still something extremely cool and special to us. And, combined with the 'Pixar office/carefree creative space' feel of our neighboring friends at TFM's offices right next to us (complete with atrium ping pong table), we feel very lucky to have been given the offer and opportunity we have.
If you've been keeping up, for whatever reason, with our Atomic Productions Facebook Page then you'll already know this- but we've pretty much fully moved in now and think it's pretty dope.
We've got some new equipment, and recently vamped up our primary editing machine, decking it out with two new Dell 23" LED screens, a 40" preview screen/HDTV in the back, a 'media center computer' casing for the editing machine, and some new studio monitor speakers- all to keep the place professional and efficient- but also just really cool to go and, in a minimalist way, 'deck out' our setup the way we've always envisioned doing since the early 'show us your desktop!' threads I myself started when I was 12 or 13 on FXhome all those years ago.
Anyway, definitely really exciting, fun times for us, this whole 2012 year. Check out the office pics and let me know your thoughts!


  • Great stuff - well done guys. Having your own office space does make you more productive unless you have a table tennis table :D
  • Fantastic. Looks like you've set it all up very nicely indeed. I like that one entire room is just for table tennis. :)
    I know moving into offices for us was a big turning point all those years ago. I'm sure this'll enable you guys to push even further than you already have done. It'll also bypass any stupid "oh, you don't have an office?" prejudice that potential clients might sometimes have.
    Love the posters, btw - nice touch.
  • nice office dudes ! love yout wall painting :)
  • Awesome stuff! Sounds very exciting. Love the Atomic logos on the walls and the posters! May I ask why Ben isn't on here much anymore?
  • Looks pretty awesome. Clearly you are all very hard at work. ;)
  • Clearly you are all very hard at work. ;)

    Though I love the sarcasm, we actually are. :D
    Put out three short videos for TFM over the past week or so, cut up a promotional ad video for them, polished off my demo reel a few weeks ago, and put up a short dramatic project today. You would, actually, not believe the sort of constructive time simply having a legitimate, designated place to work allots you. Here's what I've done the past 15-20 days alone there:
    [center]Commencement - Short Film Project[/center]

    [center]TFM Ad/Promotional Video (With startlingly ever-increasing stats, too)[/center]

    And a series of 'This is TFM' spots, similar to the ESPN Sportcenter ones. Done 5 so far this month, only 3 currently live though:
    The latter isn't the greatest work ever, no. But it's fun, simple, and pays. So yeah.
  • Is that a Mac Ben's using? LoL! Congrats on everything guys
  • It's not Ben's Mac, no. And he regretted even using it for a minute, realizing I had taken a pic during it.
    We're all PC people, you know that. ;)
  • Oh hey, what's up. When did pictures of me that I don't know about find their way to this thread?
    Also, looks like I have to start posting on here more. Or, you know, at all. ;)
  • That is really awesome guys. Congrats on your new office :D
    It's like you guys grew up right before my eyes in the past few years.
    Really proud of you guys and all of the work you do.
  • Commencement looks good, though it felt a little long. Main issue I had with it is that the narrator's VO has an enormous amount of hiss on it, which is quite distracting. A quick bit of noise removal would have resolved that, which was the only real issue.

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