Wacom pen & pad - not working correctly

HI, just evaluating the awesome new software but I've hit a snag straight off, I use a wacom bamboo pen/pad for everything, Photoshop, Cinema 4D etc...but in hitfilm it doesn't work, most things have to be double clicked (i.e. the play button, import files etc) and things like sliders, scrollbars etc just don't work at all.
Any ideas?? on Windows 7 64 bit, Alienware mx17!!


  • Thanks for the report. The UI guys will take a look at this.
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    Also the move, pan, orbit buttons just freak out and lose the scene if you click and drag with a pen/pad, I suppose this is due to a mouse's relative position, whereas a pen/pad is absolute x & y's? Perhaps if your guys can fix it maybe add a toggle for stylus/wacom/pad mode??
    ...unrelated, I am also struggling to get any kind of decent framerate, I have updated drivers etc and still it's crawling for me. I add a composite and drop in a smoke or bonfire and it slideshows along on playback!! Dragging and positioning FX is also very slow and jerky!!
    I have an Alienware m17x (quad core, 4gb ram) with Nvidia gtx 260m graphics card so I can't see why it's struggling, must be something simple??
  • There is still loads of optimizing yet to be done in the software, as has been discussed in a few places elsewhere. Now that functionality is in place, the development team is focusing on getting everything running as quickly as possible, so the next few months will see some dramatic increases in speed within the program.
    And thanks for the additional input regarding the tablet implementation.
  • I appreciate that there's a lot of optimization to be done but I feel there is some other issue here, my computer is a fast quad core with a decent graphics card, plenty of ram etc and yet it can't display an empty scene with one effect applied? If I zoom out far away it plays at a much faster rate if that helps.
    After spending the whole day installing all the latest drivers, cleaning registry, defragging etc, doing everything I can think of, it's still crawling/jerky and un-useable for me at least. I have been waiting months for this release and seem to have had my hopes for this software shot down on day one from two different angles ;-)
    Anyway, from what I can see it's great software, I guess I'm just unlucky lol ;-)

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